Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 | TIPS TRICKS & HIDDEN FEATURES!!

Custom wallpapers

  • The Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5 is possibly The best foldable of the year it's got a brand new and massive front display packed with a bunch of new hidden secrets and when you flip it open There's still so much more to it so let I show you the Flapping best tips and tricks that you just got to try right now So straight after that, we got to talk about this massive new front display called the flex window when you tap and.

  • Holding it then swipe down you'll see a bunch of pre-made wallpapers but the Magic happens when you flip the phone open and head into the wallpaper settings because here you can create your own Super unique wallpaper but my My favorite option has got to be the gallery because you can choose from a picture GIF or even video as your custom wallpaper background once you've done that there are even more customization.

Custom clock

  • Settings so if you tap on the clock you can choose from different clock positions whether you want it centered or slightly off to the right you can Also, resize it and choose from different clock fonts and right at the bottom even choose a custom clock color and once all that is done there is even more customization Options under frame style So they've got a couple of graphic options Or you could choose from the alphabet.

  • Whatever it is you want you can even change the frame opacity and again choose a specific color I mean you really can have so much fun with this and if you tap on the notifications button you can choose the different notification style you'd like if you want to display the battery on the click next window or not and finally if you want to change the app shortcut to a.

Custom shortcut

  • Different application so instead of camera you could choose the torch calendar anything you'd want to quickly access right from the flex window once you've got your own unique style go ahead and save that and set it as your Flex window background and you are good to go so you can go wild.

  • Customizing the flex window and it's one of the most fun things about this phone I'll also link these wallpapers for you Guys down below so you can go download them yourself there is so much more to this Flex window but first let me show Do you have some navigation tips.

Turn off notifications

  • Now if you swipe right on the flex window you'll see all your notifications but the cool thing is if you get a WhatsApp message for example and tap on it you can respond to it right from the flex window which is seriously.

  • Useful but if you don't want to receive notifications on the flex window you can Just head into settings then on the cover screen scroll down a bit and right Over here you can just toggle off the show notifications then back to the home page.

Torch button

  • If you swipe down you'll find a couple more useful Quick Settings like the torch which activates with the volume.

Activate Bixby

  • Button you can also adjust the Wi-Fi volume or brightness and if you click these three little dots you can adjust even.

Samsung Wallet

  • More but this is quick access to all your most used settings if you Tap and hold the lock button it'll activate Bixby and you can ask her to tell you a joke or if you swipe up from.

  • At the bottom, you access Samsung wallet but The magic happens when you swipe left to your widgets because there is just so much you can do with these.

Widget pinch

  • Foreign box there are quite a few widgets you can use directly on the flex window like if you want to start a stopwatch for example maybe you want to Set a quick 10-minute timer or another timer on top of that heck you can even Start a voice recording if you want to simultaneously while those other widgets.

  • Are running but what's cool is if you pinch with two fingers you'll see all your widgets at a glance while They're all still active so you can keep a close eye on all your active widgets and quickly navigate between all of them just by pinching in and out with the super useful gesture I find I use this a lot also if you use.

Widget pill

  • Spotify on the main screen then flip Over to the flex window, you'll notice it carries on over as a widget on top of that if you head back to the home page You'll see this brand-new little widget.

  • Pull in the bottom left corner and if If you have any active widgets you can just Tap on it and it'll take you directly to That widget which kind of reminds me of iPhone's Dynamic Island then if you tap.

Re-order widgets

  • And hold down you can choose to remove certain Widgets or if you tap and hold again you can reorder them and a A good tip is to put your most used widget right at the front but besides widgets You can also get entire apps on the cover screen.

Cover screen apps

  • No this is so cool if you swipe all the way to the end of the widgets then tap and hold and click this plus icon here You will see all the other available widgets but more importantly this app drawer widget because it basically

  • Allows you to use full-blown apps all on the cover screen for example you can have Google Maps WhatsApp YouTube and even Netflix so you can check out some of your favorite shows This is so cool and a Nifty little trick if you want to.

Tent mode

  • Watch some Netflix or YouTube just pop it into temp mode and place it next to you while you cook work or chill out It's kind of crazy that you can still do.

Choose apps

  • More by tapping and holding down then Click the edit button and adjust or Choose exactly what applications you want to miss after all so at the moment It only supports around six apps but if.

  • You stay till the end I'll show you how You can get hundreds of applications and games on the flex window but first let's Take a look at a few new tricks you can do with the cameras.

Camera double click

  • Foreign You don't need to use the inside selfie cameras anymore because if you Double-tap the lock button You can just.

  • use the main cameras and that massive Flex window and what I love is You now have even more control because They've gone and added more settings.

Touch to shoot

  • Like adjusting the aspect ratio or filters but if you tap on this icon you can shoot some picks by just tapping the screen or you can use the volume rocker and snap some picks that way too here's.

  • Just a quick look at the Quality and because these picks were taken with the main camera they're super crisp but There's still so much more because if.

Add filters

  • You swipe right you access portrait mode and this icon lets you choose from a bunch of different portrait mode filters and there are some unique and interesting ones but once you've snapped your picks you can even view them by.

  • Tapping this gallery icon here you can See just how good or bad your selfies are and if you like any tap the hot button or the trash can to move them to your recycling bin but for one of my favorite modes if you swipe all the way.

Auto framing

  • To the left, you'll access video mode and One of the coolest features has to be this icon called Auto framing Once You turn that on if you place your phone in Flex mode and face it towards you.

  • It'll automatically frame and follow your face constantly throughout the recording which as you can imagine is so useful for several different things but there is another cool setting on the.

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