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  • The Samsung Galaxy Z45 is the most powerful fold in the world and I found Some of the best tips tricks and hidden features that are just gonna bend your mind let's go So the fold five is by far the best phone when it comes to multitasking and There's a lot of hidden features and multitasking tricks to the inside screen for example, if you head.

  • Into the gallery and select a couple of different picks if you select and hold down then drag you can open another app like WhatsApp with your thumb drop those pictures directly into a chat click Send And it's as easy as that this also works in split-screen mode so you can respond to messages with text using like Chachi PT for example by just dragging and dropping nicely within Chrome.

Split Tabs

  • If you click and hold down on any link You'll notice this open in a new window as As soon as you tap on that it opens the link in a split-screen window and now.
  • You can easily browse both sides plus They also each have their own set of tabs speaking of split screens.

Split Any App

  • Oftentimes apps like Netflix or just General games will not work in a split-screen mode but you can change that by going into settings and then down to Advanced features and within here tap on Labs then you'll see this option.

  • Multi-window for all apps and with this turned on it forces both apps to work alongside each other so you can have the best of both applications and this is just ridiculously cool within those same.

Remove Bars

  • Settings also make sure to turn on full screen in split screen view because what This hides the taskbar as well as the status bar and lets you split.

  • Screen applications take up the entire screen I mean no one does multitasking better than Samsung and the folder is the best at.

Swipe To Split

  • Okay so there are a few really Nifty gestures you just have to know and the The first one is found inside the Advanced features then a multi-window called swipe For split screen now what happens is Anytime you're in an application all you.
  • Have to do is swipe up with two fingers and that app instantly opens in a split screen mode the cool thing is the app will always open towards the side you Swipe so this works for left and right Then you know how you can put your palm.

Lock With Palm

  • Over the cover screen to quickly lock it Well if you head into advanced features then motion and gestures right over here You'll see the option Palm touch to turn Off-screen now you can do the same.
  • Gesture on the main screen to lock your phone and this is not on by default but what makes the fold The best is you can use it with one of these.

Spen Button Double Tap

  • So by now, you guys might be familiar with everything the S Pen can do like writing in search bars selecting any text anywhere to quickly copy and even writing inside your keyboard but there are a few things you can do with it especially if you go inside the Galaxy Store and download this app good luck I suggest you guys get this app because later on, I'll show you a ton of other things you can do with it outside of the S Pen but for now, if you open it.
  • Up and go inside this section called Fantastic Scroll to the bottom you'll Find this cool double-tap shortcut and here's where you can choose exactly which app you'd like to open when you double-tap the screen so now Whenever I hold down on the S Pen button and double tap the screen it instantly opens WhatsApp and this works with absolutely any application and it is just so convenient but what makes.


  • The S Pen so good is it was actually made in collaboration with Wacom the Guys who make the best artist tablets in the world so besides using the S Pen in the Notes application you can take so much more advantage of the S Pen and use It is inside apps like Sketchbook it.
  • Free to use and it really reminds me of Procreate for the iPad so You can go crazy and create Some wild and unique artwork with it and remember this is all just on a phone.

Custom Lock Screen

  • So now to move on to customizing your fold and giving it a unique look a lot of people have no idea that the The inside screen has just as much customization as the cover screen so There's a bunch of different designs to choose from but one of my favorite Things have got to be using a video for The lock screen background just gives your setup that little extra Edge and Once you've done that there's a ton more customization you can do like changing.
  • The clock style and font are the way notifications appear so whether you want extra detail or just little icons and Even the app shortcuts can be changed to Just about any application, there's even a section where you can put your contact details but I like to fill it with a Cool quote and remember this is all completely different and separate to What you can Style on the cover screen but to take customization up a.

Lockstar Widgets

  • Notch if you head back into good luck and select Lockstar here you can turn on extra lock screen elements so if you're tapping a lock screen and tapping again You'll see an option to add widgets so Not only can you have those on your home page but now also on your lock screen so Once you've added the widgets you can adjust extra settings but then you can.
  • Also, resize it and reposition it for the perfect lock screen layout you can get so many different looks and setups especially if you use an animated wallpaper also if you guys enjoy these Wallpapers I'll have them linked down Below for you where you can go and download them but if you prefer to have.

Mirror Cover Screen

  • A more uniform look across your entire the phone you could customize and design everything on the cover screen then open Up the fold tap and hold down Open up wallpaper settings and here you can Turn on the cover screen mirroring That way anything you do on the cover screen will be mirrored to your inside screen so whether that's your wallpaper to applications and even widgets Everything will be copied inside but Believe it or not, there's still a few more things we can do to make this setup even better Custom Call Background.
  • One of my favorite customization features on Samsung phones are found within a contact under more within here You'll find the option edit called background and when you tap on that you can choose any image or video from your gallery to display when they call the Another cool thing is you can set an individual one for each of your contacts Or just have a main cool background for everyone so now whenever that specific contact calls you you'll quick and easily recognize it by that beautiful custom cool background something else.

Edge Screen Lighting

  • You've got to do Under the notification settings is select the brief style then Tap on edge screen lighting and go crazy you can customize the heck out of this and get some awesome pop-up.
  • Message designs that just put a cherry on top of your entire setup and it also just makes texting a lot of fun but now Let me show you a few neat tricks you can do with the cameras.

Selfie Preview

  • One of the best things about the fold is taking advantage of this icon because With this, you can use the main 50 Mega camera for taking your selfies which of course will be super high quality but.

Multiple Photo Timer

  • There's a neat hidden feature inside good luck under the camera The assistant called the timer multi-photo and With this, you can choose how many pictures you'd like to take and how many second intervals between each photo.
  • Then just turn on the timer otherwise This won't work and then you are good to go Just place your fold down show the Palm gesture and Automatically it'll snap all your picks in perfect timing like magic then.
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