iPhone 15 - 10 NEW Leak Updates!

iPhone 15 Leak Updates We are now only a couple of weeks away from Apple's massive September event where they'll finally launch the iPhone 15 lineup in this video I have 10 new leak updates to share with you guys that I've collected since the last. version of this video so let's jump right into leak update number one. 

Leak Update #1 

According to Unknowns 21 who was the first leaker to share an actual photo of the bottom of the iPhone 15 Pro and its USBC Port, he has now given us a huge leak showing the iPhone 15 colors that were tested through various development stages we have a new pink which could end up being rose gold or blush gold We have green blue yellow potentially some form of orange and a black or midnight color and he does mention that there could be of course potentially more colors but these are the ones that he has seen now getting into the leaked update.

  Leak Update #2 

Number two we have a major leak that has been blowing up all over Twitter and the tech World various sources including Majin Buu Kasutami-san and the Lippilipsy have been showing tons of photos and videos of brand-new never-before-seen color-matched braided USBC to USBC cables which are supposedly going to be coming in the box of every iPhone 15 model we can see various colors that look like they could match the new iPhone 15 colors including a fully blacked-out cable that even includes black USBC connectors on the ends offering color-match cables could create a new trend where people get excited about USBC and I can see Android phone makers following in Apple's footsteps with these color-matched cables make it even better we got reports that these new cables could be even longer 1.5 meters instead of one on the current cables which everybody is gonna appreciate on top of that I've personally found that the new braided cables from Apple are so much more reliable and durable than the old ones that would Fray and get ripped up and damaged especially since these new braided cables are unlike the ones That comes with the iPad Pro and iMac by adding a new strain relief layer to help durability so I'm honestly super excited for these from now on to leak number three. 

Leak Update #3 

Have something that nobody is gonna argue against and that's a rumor pointing to at least some new iPhone 15 models supporting faster charging yes The charging speed will be going up to 35 watts of Maximum charging Compared to 27 which the current 14 pros Max can accept now that doesn't seem like a huge deal but it's 30 percent more wattage now I do want to stress that just because it says it can hit 35 Watts doesn't mean it'll charge at that rate the entire time because it's normal for batteries to charge quickly at the very beginning with a very empty battery and then as they get hot and full the rate does slow down which is very common for Apple because They care about charging and battery health and yes I will admit that the 14 Lineup does have some battery health issues so hopefully Apple solves that With the iPhone 15 lineup now moving on to leak update number four we just got.

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