Google Pixel 8 Pro - THE BEAUTY IS HERE

 Google reveals everything:

The pixelate family is officially coming in October 14 but Google cannot stop leaking stuff This has to be the craziest leak of all time thanks to Google's pixel simulator We're gonna have our first complete look at the full design of the Google Pixel 8 Pro First up we have all three colors of The pixelate pro starting from the black blue and the white model now looking at The full doer of the design is the NFC chip on the back then we have a temperature sensor something we don't get to see it on my phone so pretty and unique Moving on to LED flash the rear-facing camera which is Samsung's best either Still, the gn2 sensor is their biggest allowing Pixel 8 Pro to get more light in and have some amazing quality photos and videos after the rear-facing.



 We have the microphone along with the ultra running a lens and finally the 5x telephoto lens moving on the side the simulator reveals a volume up and down button followed by the power button and then we see on the left hand side we have a SIM card tray on the top There is another microphone along with The 5G antenna cover for the bottom We have the speaker at the bottom microphone and the USBC board and Finally, the simulator reveals the front design of the phone and you can see Depending on which color you go for the home screen wallpaper and the theme is color coding knitted and once again the blue model looks the best in my opinion this is of course roughly a 6. 7-inch display It looks pretty good when it comes to the.


Bezel ratio

We have some clean images of the side profile looking Pretty good of course aluminum side which is color-coordinated depending on which color you go for and finally we Have that side angle look for that sky Blue model Honestly this is looking Beautiful so that is pixelated Pro in Its full Glory all dies directly from Google there is no leak or anything this is pretty much as official as it can get Also in the news it seems like Google will be pushing this ISO cell gn2 camera sensor from Samsung to its absolute limits for the first time the pixel 8 Pro will introduce night sight for video this might be one of the biggest changes to the video performance on the pixel lineup especially in low light situations we have seen how magical.


Night sight 

Is for the photos so Hopefully, that magic will transfer to the video performance as well speaking of performance, the tensor G3 is coming and it's going to be using the same four nanometer process that Samsung will be utilizing for the Exynos 2400 next year for the Galaxy s24 lineup which means The denser G3 chip is going to give us an early glimpse of what to Expect from the Exynos 2400 in terms of the performance leaves and most importantly the efficiency so very good That's the full overview of the Pixelated Pro I have to say the blue The color looks amazing.

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