Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - LOCKED & LOADED ☑️



The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is locked and loaded we'll be having a first look at the lead Galaxy S24 Ultra Prime specs along with Samsung's key role in the making of iPhone 16 we'll talk about everything right after this today I came.


Galaxy S24 Ultra Specs

Tuned right here is the league specification for the s34 ultra coming from one of the trusted sources on the web it finally gives us the complete picture of what to expect with this next big thing according to this league it seems like Samsung will be keeping the same ultrawide as well as the selfie and The range Zoom is the only two-camera The sensor we're getting is the main 200 MP sensor that is now improved and more optimized for the absolute best performance and of course we have the 50 megapixel 3x zoom and yes it is going to be the most freemium Samsung Galaxy The flagship ever-made titanium frame is Indeed coming yes it is first happening on the iPhone 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max but thankfully Samsung is not behind making the s34 Ultra Premium and lighter than ever will have Android under 14 based on one US 6.0 of course the complete final Edition along with the same 5000-member battery and with the same 45-watt charging with that being said there will be some battery improvements thanks to the Snapdragon agent 3 chip and of course the nightmare which is the Exynos 2400 possibly.


Exynos 2400 SHOCK!

Expected to be on the same level as the age entry chair last time we talked about how it is 100 confirmed for Europe Now the latest rumors are talking about another Market which is surprisingly going to be Samsung's own home country the South Korean market yes South Korea could get Exynos 2400 which means Samsung is very optimistic and Brave about their Exynos comeback you know what they might be onto something but again only time will tell What this Chip is going to bring now Last but not least like all iPhones 3:51 iPhone 16 x Samsung The upcoming iPhone 16 series will be dependent on Samsung more than ever before yes in addition do that all display OLED panel that Samsung is making for that dream iPhone they're also making a new kind of MLA OLED display for the iPhone 16 series According to South Korean media thanks to this MLA technology the display on The iPhone 16 series will bring absolute Record-breaking brightness and power efficiency gains this screen has currently been used in some of the OLED TVs from LG so having the latest generation AMOLED tag on a smartphone is going to be a huge breakthrough so That's all of this news Let me know what you think about the key specs for the Galaxy S14 Ultra.

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