Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - CLOSER LOOK...


This changes everything it's time to have our closest look at the entire galaxy s34 lineup based on the latest most accurate leaks thanks to ice Universe yes face your eyes on the.

Samsungs Final Plan

Galaxy s24 s24 plus and the s24 ultra revealing Samsung's final plan Samsung is indeed going flat on all their products the ultra was the last Flagship to have the edge display and well they are indeed going for a flat display meaning s23 Ultra is the last of its kind putting an end to Samsung's Legendary Run of their iconic Edge display now this may be a great news for a lot of people who love flat screen but for others who love the edge display this is going to be the reality looking Bezels at the bezels we can clearly see that the s24 plus will be the slimmest bezel phone of the entire lineup and it's also getting the same wqhd Plus solution as the s24 ultra model and what's actually Bonkers is that all three models will be rocking a 2 500 nits brightness as per latest report from Ice Universe this is a massive massive boost in brightness compared to the 1750 Nares that we have seen on last year's model along with the Display brightness boost we're going to see Samsung's latest generation most efficient OLED panel on this entire s24 lineup now because Samsung is now going with a flat display this means that the s33 ultra will actually look more bezel-less than the s24 ultra which is just insane to thing again that is something to expect when you go flat but let me know what you think about this because this has to be our closest look at how the entire s24 lineup will look when it comes to the front display of course we don't know what Samsung is going to do on the back of the phone chances are there won't be big changes but again a lot really reveal and in the coming days for those who are wondering.


This is how the s34 ultra will stack up against the iPhone 15 Ultra and the 14 pro definitely looking much much better than the 14 pro but the 15 Ultra looks to have a slightly Slimmer bezels again we have to take consideration of that Dynamic build which is of course going to take more space than Samsung's cleaner single hole punch design but just purely bezel wise it seems like iPhone will be ahead compared to the s34 ultra let me know what you think about.


Samsung putting the absolute end to their iconic as design and going for a flatter look do you think it's the right decision comment below that being said I'll see you guys later peace out.

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