Samsung Galaxy Flip 5 & Fold 5 | FOLDABLE'S ARE THE FUTURE!!!

  • The way we think of a typical smartphone Today is changing more screen sizes more uses precise engineering and more power is proving that foldable are the future So starting with the flip 5 we have got to talk about this epic new cover display or what Samsung is calling the flex window because as you can see it is much bigger than previous models and That means bigger features so widgets Now show a lot more info instead of small snapshots and they are so much more convenient to use with this larger screen so setting a timer or recording a voice note takes seconds and you will Also, be able to download and use third-party widgets I also love that you can change and customize the cover screen with animated wallpapers at first There are a couple of different ones to.

  • Choose from but if you open the phone You will have more customization options But what's awesome about this cover screen you'll be able to receive messages and WhatsApp and respond to them all from the cover screen not only that you'll also be able to watch YouTube and Netflix which is cool so there is a lot you can do with the new cover screen and I am so pumped to show you guys all the tips and tricks so make sure you sub to see that But aside from the cool customization and loads of widgets they are of course the cameras on the cover screen too and I was really surprised and actually disappointed to see that there were hardly any upgrades to them so we still have the 12 megapixel wide and 12 megapixel Ultra wide cameras however now.

  • Because of the New Logic cover screen It's probably one of the best phones to take videos selfies or even group pictures with because of how easily you can see what's going on and I can see This is a feature that once you start using you'll never want to stop using and why wouldn't this be the future of all smartphones when you're using the main cameras to get the best quality like these are just some quick shots I got that were so easy to snap again I especially like how many settings you can adjust right on the cover screen because you can switch through modes apply different filters there's also a drop-down menu where you can change the aspect ratio to get a square pick or Longer body shots change the timer a whole bunch of different.

  • Settings so for someone who enjoys Taking pictures is hard not to love and honestly, it's easy to feel like standard smartphones without this cover screen feature feels old Now something else new to the flip Is it fully closes Flash without any gaps it is a seemingly small adjustment but makes a big difference in the way that It feels so much so that it's actually one of the thinnest foldable in the world right now this was a much needed change and now it just feels more compact more polished it's easy to hold and I do like it but sadly it made almost no difference when it comes to the crease which is a big factor for A lot of people when they're thinking about getting a flip phone so if Samsung want to keep Paving the way for the future.

  • Foldable they got to get that crease ironed out but another important factor is the battery and although the battery is the same size as last year it will be improved because of the new chip it has the most powerful chip for Android the Snapdragon 810 2 chip which is the same as the s23 ultra and there's more than enough power and performance for this Bad boy, it has super fast charging fast Wireless charging and reverse Power Share that the fingerprint sensor is still on the side but I'm not gonna lie if they added an under-display fingerprint sensor to the main display that will be Cool it comes in four main different pastel Shades but when you Think about it The colors don't seem to matter as much with this design because You only really have color on a small.

  • Portion of the phone and the whole front is essentially a glossy black panel but It does still look good Samsung's are also going to be releasing a really interesting cover with inserts so every time you place a new insert in the case It'll automatically change the cover screen wallpaper to match the case I am a huge fan of this phone and an even bigger fan of the larger cover display There's something about having an almost fully functioning square-like phone That's novel and exciting I love that You can do so much on it it feels convenient it feels useful portable and like you can get the best of both worlds now I am so glad this phone style is becoming more popular and enough so that I think in the future every major phone brand is going to have to have a model.

  • Or something similar to this I do think It's worth the upgrade from the previous models only if you get a ton of use from That cover display but not a great idea If you are hoping for better cameras because as you now know hardly anything has changed there but now let's flip over to the fold five strength of that the fold 5 looks and feels a lot like last year's Fault 4. Other than one minor subtle difference where the flashlight has moved to the the right-hand side of the cameras but there are some noticeable differences too and The biggest one is that it now has a gapless close leaving no space between the glass when it's folded which in comparison is a safer design for the screen because it's so much harder to get dust and debris in there and this.

  • Design also makes it thinner overall by 2. 4 millimeters when folded Samsung also mentioned that fold users aside from wanting it thinner also wanted it to weigh less so it is now 10 grams lighter the second biggest difference is the display and I'm not talking about the crease which as you can see is still there and could also do some smoothing out but I'm talking about the brightness The Fold 5 is now much brighter than Last year's model at 1750 nits which happens to be the same as the S23 ultra and that means you can see This phone easily in the brightest conditions whether this ends up affecting the battery much time will Tell me because this is the same size battery as last year but hopefully we do.

  • Get to see more battery life because it Too has that super powerful Snapdragon chip after all this is supposed to be the ultimate productivity machine so having a super fast chip that can handle A lot is good to see so multiple windows or split screens can easily be handled and is so smooth I did not see any major updates in terms of customization or wallpapers but again make sure you sub so you don't miss my blog on some sweet tips and tricks something else the chip makes very Snappy and very responsive is the S Pen which is another major reason people like the fault but what I was hoping to see that you could draw on the front screen but sadly you cannot and that really would have been Cool but now one of my biggest pet peeves about the folk 5 has got to be.

  • The cameras are the same as the fold 4 and you might think fold Users don't care about the cameras but they do and when you pay as much as you do for a flagship fold you want the best because the cameras are the same It kind of feels like Samsung just renamed last year's model to fold five and it would have been amazing if They had to put the S23 Ultra's camera system on this puppy which is another The reason why I say foldable is the future because I would not be surprised to see the top-tier specs of the future Smartphones are all unfordable like the z-fold then it does come in cream ice Blue and Phantom black I really like the color options this year but now Let's chat about the price The flip 5 is going to be 1049 pounds for the base.

  • Model which is 10 pounds cheaper than last year's flip and the Fold 5 is going to start at 1 749 pounds which is a hundred pounds more expensive then the Fold 4 release date which is not a massive increase but an increase Nonetheless however with either of these You would be getting one of Samsung's tier Flagship smartphones packed with a really powerful chip slick design and a ton of features that no doubt more and more people are starting to love and Look well I do wish Samsung had done more with their cameras and their batteries these are still incredible phones and I do think that foldable are the future especially when you see so Many smartphone brands are launching their version of a flip and fold the device and people are eagerly.

  • Waiting to see what comes out I think People don't necessarily want a new physical design they just want More screen space and foldable do Exactly that and they do it well I do think that anyone with Either one of these phones would love them but hopefully Samsung keep innovating and keeping their phones fresh because competition is on the rise and if Samsung doesn't make big enough changes people might look elsewhere as mentioned make sure you.
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