Galaxy Watch 6 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features!!!

Photo Sticker Watch Face 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is the best Android watch to have right now and I found the best tips and trickery starting with some brand new watch faces so from all the new fun and funky watch faces this bad boy comes with the one you guys have got to check out first and play around with is this new one called photo sticker when you first open it up you get a few different layouts you can choose from each slightly different from one another but what I I like is you can choose a picture from your photo gallery to display on the watch face once you've chosen the pick you can also resize and reposition it to best suit the window and the complicated colors can also be changed to match the picture you even get this little Emoji complication where you can choose from a bunch of different ones there are also other complications you can customize but this Emoji one just adds a unique touch this is one of my favorite new watch faces cuz you can just customize it so much.

 Perpetual Watch Face 

Another slick new watch face is this one called Perpetual again you can customize the background you can change the detail colors and even watch hand colors but at a glance I love how all the info is. There like the month date and day even the moon phases but if you want even. 

Info Board Watch Face 

For more info check out Info board because it got a big update not only can you customize the look like all the other watch faces but you get new health complications that give you a ton of info so if you're someone who's really active this is probably one of the best watch faces for you another brand new. 

Sleep Coach Watches The Face 

One that's useful is this one is called Sleep Coat and it's useful about this watch face is if you sleep with your watch on you'll find your sleep stats right on the watch face like your sleep time and you'll sleep score but enough about watching faces here's some hidden tricks so the Watch Six comes with a few pretty nifty and hidden tricks like if you go into your menu then tap and hold and drag an app onto another app you'll see that you can now finally make a folder is so cool but what's even cooler is.

Customize App Folders 

You can change the background color between a couple of different shades and once you've done that you can even give it a custom name and use some emojis as well so as you can imagine this comes in handy for. Organizing your menu and just keeping specific apps grouped to make it easier for yourself also this blew my mind but did you guys know there is an app for the watch 6 that can measure the the temperature of everything around you it It's insane but more about that In the end for now another Nifty trick.

  Set Multiple Timers 

You can do if you're heading into the widget tiles you'll find this brand-new tile for setting timers so if you're someone like me who likes setting multiple timers for work taking breaks or even just as a reminder this is super convenient you'll also find this brand. 

Battery Tile 

New battery tile that shows the percentage of anything connected to your watch like your phone or Buds and if you.

 Re-order Panel Icons

 Ever want to rearrange your quick settings panel then on your phone just heading to the wearables app under quick panel settings then tap and hold on an icon like Find my phone and Dr. drag it to wherever you would like on the main screen then just let go now you'll find it's right there on your watch and it's just so much more easily accessible and you don't have to scrub for days to get.

 Get Google Assistant.

There so a cool thing about the watch 6 is you can get a few different assistants and even though Bixby is getting a bit better I'd still suggest you use Google Assistant now to do that all you have to do is head into the Play Store scroll right down to the bottom and tap on manage apps then click on assistant and here make sure you just update it once you've done that you're going to head back inside settings and scroll down to Advanced features in here you'll find the option customize buttons then just tap the Press and hold option and change from Bixby to good old Google Assistant now.

 Play Music with Google 

You can either push the button or say Hey you know who is directly into the watch and can ask it to go play music for you like playing this year's top hits on Spotify and it'll go and start playing those tracks for you is nice but one thing Google Assistant can't.

 Command Bixby Workout 

Specifically do which Bixby can is quickly start a workout with just a command like start a quick squats workout so it just depends on your personal preference but my experience is still better with Google Assistant, then it is with.

Time As Vibration

Bixby, so there's another way you can tell the time on your watch 6 by going into settings and scrolling all the way down to accessibility once in here if you tap on advanced settings you'll find this feature called vibration watch basically once you've turned this on you can tap on your watch the face with two fingers to get the watch six to tell you the time with just vibrations to feel the hour just tap once with two fingers then tap twice with two fingers to feel the minutes that is just so slick but.

 Ticking Sound 

Another time hack is found within sounds and vibration settings then all the way down inside system sounds and here you'll find this ticking option and if you turn this on it turns your watch six into a real watch by giving it this soft ticking.

 Use Finger Nail for Straps 

Sound now the watch 6 finally got a much needed to upgrade to the strap design with this new clamp mechanism all you have to do is just pinch this little button right over here with your fingernails and it'll snap right off which is just so much easier than the old design and to put a new one on you can just again Press the little button and it'll snap right back on without any hassle and luckily there are a bunch of new different strap designs that you can choose from that come with this new strap upgrade but here's a little trick I bet you guys. 

Use Old Straps 

Didn't know if you have watch straps that you like from the watch 4 or watch 5 even though they are different you can still use them on the watch 6 Now That's What I Call strapping. 

Heart Rate Zone Coach

So when it comes to exercising and workouts you guys have got to give this new feature a go inside the workout settings right over here called heart rate zone guide Once you turn it on you can tap on it to choose what heart rate you'd like to be in for that workout like anaerobic or low-intensity basically what this does is turn your watch into a mini coach and send you notifications to try and stay in that specific heart rate zone also if you.

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