Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - GOODBYE CONFIRMED

  • Goodbye confirmed the Galaxy S23 Series has officially outperformed the Galaxy s22 lineup by a significant number it's a big win for Samsung but could be their lost win if the next big decision fails Despite the wonderful success of the Galaxy S23 series majorly. 

  • Because of Samsung adopting the Qualcomm chip all around the world for some reason they decided to throw it away and bring back the dead which is us and well we got our first confirmation regarding which The market is getting the Lexus and that is Europe yes say goodbye to Qualcomm as.

  • Lexus is coming to Europe according to is The universe of course is also likely means we're going to see this in the UK as well it's happening again and it's probably going to be the direction where Samsung will keep on moving for the future now as usual Europe is not going.

  • To be the only market for Lexus very likely Samsung will bring this chip to Asia region as well including the major Indian market recent rumors have shown that the Nexus 2400 will be a very capable chip possibly around the same performance of the Snapdragon agent 3. But still, we're bound to see some performance differences because of the different manufacturing processes as Samsung is using their 4 NM Tech which is improved but is it as good at TSMC 4 nanometers we don't know as I said Before Samsung cannot fail with this.

  • Lexus generation because if they do People will forever lose their trust in Samsung is also in the news I know we just had a big main camera upgrade this year with the s23 ultra 200 map iso cell hp2 sensor but guess what a new version of This sensor is coming to the S24 ultra.

  • According to Universe the Galaxy s24 Ultra will back a new ISO cell hp2 SX 200 meal sensors will be further optimized to bring the best performance Along with this as we talked about before we are indeed getting a new 50-megapixel 3x optical zoom which will utilize high.

  • Resolution to improve Zoom all the way from 3x to 10x now last but not the At least there will come a time when Samsung will officially release a rollable screen phone and that could be In 2025 this has been going on for quite some time as we have seen several.

  • Different prototypes from Samsung as well as with some other brands as well This year Motorola showing off Their rollable screen phone it's a very The real possibility that we're going to see This technology coming out very soon and considering Samsung is the one that.

  • Brought a folding phone to Global markets internationally for the first time it makes all the sense for them to Do that with the rollable phone possibly in 2025 so that's all the latest news as I said before it's time to say goodbye to Snapdragon for Galaxy exclusively for.

  • All models because we're going to have That division again Lexus is coming back for various markets and for now Europe is pretty much a done deal.

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