iPhone 15 BAD NEWS! New Leaks & Rumors!


REAL colors revealed

The iPhone 15s is going to be announced

in less than 10 days and this video I

want to talk about the latest we've been

hearing and it seems like it's been a

a string of bad news things that we

The thought that was coming in has been pushed

back or changed a lot and where I want

To start with that is with the colors

Because of the colors this year, I would say

are the most different than we've ever

seen on the iPhone according to

nine-to-five Mac they've obtained the

exact color codes for every single new

iPhone 15 model from a trusted source

and these colors this year are

Whack okay on the standard

iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus this is

the color lineup for 2023. it is an

entirely revamped completely new pastel

only collection that is incredibly

Interesting first of all Apple's never

done anything quite like this before but

second of all you'll notice that out of

These five colors which include a light

green light blue light pink light yellow

and black there is no white model and

That's because For the First Time In

What well over a decade Apple is not

offering a standard white color for the

iPhone 15. You either have to go a light

shade of something or black those are

Your two options I don't know The

Pastels are not for me so I was

very looking forward to the pro colors

for 2023. So first up is space black

We've seen this on the iPhone 14 Pros

Apple is bringing it back yet again and then

We've got the silver slash-white iPhone

15 Pro which is going to be the only way

To get white in 2023 you'll have to buy

a pro then we've got Titan Gray This is

The first of two new colors for 2023 on

The pros it's going to be a natural

titanium look and the only real color

option for the 15 Pros is going to be

Midnight Blue This is the dark blue

color we've been hearing about for a

While it is a lot more subdued and

serious than I had thought it was going

To be you might ask Wait where's gold

Apple's been doing gold on the pro

phones since the iPhone 10s in 2018 and

2023 marks the year that gold is being

discontinued you it's seemingly been

replaced by this new Titan gray color

and while I was never a fan of gold I do

know there's a lot of you out there that

were attached to it and bought it

every single year so I'm sorry about your

loss here so here they are all the

iPhone 15 colors for 2023 I definitely

feel a certain way about them but let me

Know your thoughts down below now before

My new power bank

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USB-C bad news

video next up for USBC we have gotten

Some interesting new details about how

This is going to work specifically

between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15

Pro It's not going to be the same

specifically, what we've heard in the past

that it's going to be limited to USB 2.0

speeds on the standard 15 which is the

same as the current lighting in Port

as it has been in its current state

since 2012. however the iPhone 15 Pros

will support Thunderbolt data transfer

40 gigabits per second it's going to be

as fast as a Mac however the cable

required to make those data transfer

speeds work it's not going to be the one

included with the phones we've now

learned that if you want to get the

fastest USBC transfer like with

Thunderbolt on the iPhone 15 Pro Apple

has made a special new short Thunderbolt

cable that will be made specifically for

The iPhone 15 Pro comes according

to Coast who saw me on Twitter ax who

says specifically it is 0.8 meters long

And so like what are the shortest cables

Apple has ever made and it looks really

Nice it's thick It will be incredibly

fast for data transfer but it will be

sold separately and likely about 100 now

To be clear here this is not weird for

Thunderbolts all of Apple's current

Thunderbolt super-fast cables are

incredibly expensive and that's because

Apparently to manufacture these cables

It is a pretty arduous process and it is

not exactly cheap for Apple however I

cannot fathom paying the 1099 minimum

because the price increase for the pros

and then spending another hundred

dollars on this cable just to take full

advantage of the USBC port on here I

guess I shouldn't be surprised that

Apple has found a smart way to monetize

USBC is for the pros who want to

these speeds by making a dedicated cable

I just hate that it's not included and

You have to buy it separately okay Next

Packaging leak.

up this one is wild this is

The front wallpaper for the iPhone 15

Pro and if you're wondering why it looks

like it was drawn by a child it's

because it might have been this story

is so interesting to me shrimp Apple Pro

The other day noticed a foreign

social network that someone claims to

have seen on the box of the iPhone 15

Pro and allegedly this is what the new

The wallpaper looks like out of this we've

seen some pretty interesting

Concepts pop up of what the box could

looks like there are ones we've

seen like this I think the best ones are

from William FX over on Twitter slash ax

who shows us it's sort of the 14 Pro

Design but curved and mocked up the

other way are any of these artist

Are renditions accurate I have no idea but

There's something in my gut that says

The actual wallpaper is going to be some

kind of s shape I do believe that info

is authentic because it's just too

obscure to not be Maybe I'm Wrong here

but I feel like I just had to share this

NEW case revealed

Now I thought that would be the most

interesting leak in this video but I've

got to give it to what Apple will be

replacing the leather cases that they

sell with this is allegedly Apple's new

fine woven case that will be replacing

their leather series we first started

Talking about this in my last video

where several sources out of the

Blue said that Apple had officially

planned to get rid of leather this year

just because not only did the leather

cases age very very poorly and not in a

good way whatsoever with Apple being

very environmentally conscious using

real leather and not a substitute or

vegan-friendly leather you know it they

there's There's some Clash of Audiology

They are right so Apple has come up with a

replacement and it might be this now to

To be clear I do believe that these fine

Woven cases are fakes I think they are

Recreations of what the actual cases are

going to be like but if they look

anything like this where there's a

two-tone design they don't look great to

me now I'm of course reserving my final

judgment because I know that these

photos are not entirely representative

and even the fine woven name doesn't

sounds like an apple to me so very low

chance that this is an actual first look

at the case replacement but to be clear

I do believe a case replacement is

coming and the leather it's it's time

for it to change and evolve in some

meaningful way let's take a break from

Some good news!

The bad news for just a second Delight

some good stuff so globe and she

recently shared his predictions for

Apple September 12th Wonderlust event

specifically about the iPhone 15. and

Here are the highlights in this report

For me, number one glow highlights that

Titanium isn't just going to look nicer

and be more premium it's a

lighter material so when you're using

the iPhone 15 Pro Max the curved design

combined with titanium it is going to

Make this phone so much better for

one-handed use and to me just more

usable in general to the point where I

might consider getting a pro

Max for the first time because it

will feel way lighter in this much mass

with titanium number two will confirm

the exact colors that we heard about

Earlier in this video the gray-white

black and blue for the pros and regular

colors of black pink yellow blue and

green and third and finally here the

production issues that we heard about

That might delay the iPhone 15s into

October remember when we heard that

rumor and I told you guys that

There's just absolutely nothing behind

This and a delay are not happening well

As predicted Guo Minchi now agrees with three

saying that all of the production issues

in their entirety have been resolved and

Everything is back on track however

noting that the pro-Max specifically is

just a little bit behind in mass

production compared to the other models

So getting a 15 Pro Max well that'll be

a little bit harder than getting a 15

Pro just initially for a couple of weeks

at launch and while we're on the topic

NO Ultra model

of the iPhone 15 Pro Max let me just

clarify that this is what it's going to

be called this year Apple's most

expensive premium iPhone will be the

iPhone 15 Pro Max not the iPhone 15

Ultra we've sort of been hearing about

This idea on off that Apple was

planning a super high-end model crazy

expensive maybe it would have more RAM

or internal storage and just be a

massively specced out the version of the

iPhone 15 that would be replacing or

supplementing the 15 Pro Max but that is

not happening in 2023 at least according

to Bloomberg's Mark German confirming

Apple is keeping the pro-Max naming and

the device around and while Apple has

Internally actually explored a super

a high-end crazy premium model that would

bear the ultra name similar to the Apple

Watch Ultra it's not coming until next

year at the earliest and that's just

consistent with what Apple does for

products in naming they're not going to

Call the Promax Ultra just because it

has a periscope camera and they're

Certainly not going to Market bigger Ram

or storage as a selling point to be

Clear I think in the next year or two we

will see a super high-end

premium iPhone Ultra that might come in

at 1500 to 2,000 just because I think

There's a surprisingly large number of

People who would buy a phone like that

But it's not happening on the

iPhone 15 series and we will get to say

Pro Max for yet another year which I

still think is just like not a great

name like can we just change it to

There's iPhone 15 Pro 6.1 and 6.7 I

I don't know the pro-Max Is it

Final thoughts

goofy so we are in it guys we are less

than 10 days away from the iPhone 15s

being announced we've been talking about

these for months I just want to say

Thank you to you guys for supporting me

for being here to watch these videos

So consistently it means a lot I know

It's just another phone for some people

Well it makes me excited it's fun to

talk about and we're gonna get to see it

at Apple's event on September 12th 10

a.m Pacific Standard huge thank you as

always to Shay over at Concept Central

for making it some of the great renders

In this video, the dude is just on

another level please go subscribe and

Show him some love and of course

Subscribe here for more on the iPhone

15. Drop a like if you enjoyed this

video I've been Sam I hope you're doing

Well I'll catch a cool cat the next

One piece I'm going to get is the iPhone

fit I made that joke in the last video I

can't redo the joke I'm just gonna I'm

just gonna say bye and I'm just gonna go

down here

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