Apple September 12 iPhone 15 Event ANNOUNCED! EVERYTHING We're Getting!


Event info

Okay it's official Apple's announcing

the iPhone 15 on September 12th and in

this video I want to talk about

everything we can expect to see at

Apple's special event which is less than

Two weeks away we have so much to talk

about today so let's start with the

invite itself this event is happening at

10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time at Apple

Park, it will be in person for those

invited to Cupertino California on

Tuesday, September 12th is pretty

much when Apple always holds their

events and they have included some clues

in the invites as always this year which

are super fun to pick through the

tagline this year is Wonderlust uh which

I I I don't know what that means

I think they're just putting a fancy

word here to get us all excited but the

rest of the invite tells us a

lot first of all looking at the Apple

logo you'll notice it's made of a ton of

different particles it's a very

the unique and distinct design we have seen

for the Apple logo on an invite in years

and in a video version that Apple posted

On their site, we can see

Some more details about what these

particles exactly are and they seem to

be forming the Apple logo into something

new which coincidentally you know the

iPhone 15 Pros are switching from

stainless steel to Titanium for the

first time and as soon as I saw this I

immediately thought of apples making of

videos where they show you how they make

The phones with different pieces of

Metal Infuse them together and it just

seems so obvious that Apple is teasing

the new titanium finish here so that

part was 100 intentional but so are the

colors that Apple has you know randomly

decided to use it's just random that

Apple put blue right in the focal point

of the entire invite isn't that so

Random in fact the whole Apple logo for

This invite shows different Hues of blue

silver space black and a natural metal

Or titanium look that is that's so

Interesting it's almost like these are

The exact rumored colors for the new

iPhone 15 Pros to the T that we have

seen a leak out extensively and that

have all but been confirmed now in this

invitation from Apple themselves and

Listen to those of you who might think

I'm reading into this too far just look

at what Apple did last year for the far

out invitations they announced

Satellite connectivity on the iPhone 14

series and everybody said I was crazy

for saying that the Apple logo in space

made up of stars meant satellite

connectivity but what Apple does with

These invitations are intentional they

Do it to get people excited and also to

give you a minor preview of what's to

Come of course the biggest announcement

At this event will be the iPhone 15

lineup but before we talk about that

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iPhone 15

to the video okay let's talk about

everything we can expect to see from the

iPhone 15 per usual we've got two

regular models two Pro Models but the

Regular models this year are actually

going to be the biggest upgrade in years

They're gonna have the same 6.1 and 6.7

inch screen sizes but this year Dynamic

island is coming down which I think a

lot of people are going to be really

excited for it's a feature that to this

day I enjoy especially while

playing music the ability to see this

and interact with it on the Fly is

Incredible and Apple bringing that down

at a sub-1,000 price tag is going to be

a big selling point for a lot of folks

It not only just looks new it's fun and

Believe it or not, I think people

buy phones because something

looks fun like the colors that this

year are looking to be a pastel array of

different pink blue green yellow and

black options you'll notice actually in

This lineup is not going to

be a White Plain version of the standard

iPhone 15. Apple's just not doing that

This year you'll have to get some slight

Hue or black but considering how

unremarkable the colors are I do think

The main selling point of the iPhone 15

will be USBC this is coming down to

these models but it will still be only

USB 2.0 speeds just like lightning

Apple is gonna make this more exciting by

including a braided very premium and

color matched USBC Cable in the box of

The iPhones that are 1.5 meters

in length so 50 percent longer than the

current versions and on top of that the

cameras are also getting the new 48

megapixel sensor from last year's pros

and an A16 chip so basically it's a

better iPhone 14 pro minus the 120hz

screen there's still going to be 60

Hertz I know Apple wants you to

spend a thousand dollars or more to get

The 120-hertz display it's annoying

iPhone 14 Pro

For the most premium experience Apple

does have the iPhone 15 Pro and the

iPhone 15 Pro Max and this year they

will have slightly larger displays due

to record-breaking in a bezel Fitness

that are Universal and uniform around

The entire front of these bezels looks great

But I think it's going to look even

better when you have 120 hertz on this

display as well as Dynamic Island which

has been rumored to maybe get just a bit

smaller on these Pro Models in your hand

The pros are also going to feel better

because titanium is a lighter material

than stainless steel so it might be 5 to

10 percent lighter which especially for

the gigantic Pro Max size phone that's

going to be nice The edges are

also going to be a little bit more

rounded and comfortable which doesn't

sounds like a big deal but in your hand

It makes the Pro Max so much more easily

The iPhone 15 Pros are also getting USBC

but here it will have Thunderbolt 4

speeds meaning 40 gigabits of data per

second can be transferred it is a pro

feature and I'm so happy it's coming and

That same methodology goes along with

Apple replacing the mute switch on these

devices on the iPhone 15 Pros this year

Apple is introducing a new action button

similar to what we got last year on the

Apple Watch Ultra is a user

customizable you'll be able to remap it

to things like the flashlight or the

camera a dedicated button for these

things that we've never seen on the

iPhone before it's going to be a huge

selling point of these phones and I know

A button sounds small but the ability to

Remap it to do pretty much anything by

One tap including still of course mute

your phone if you want that's going to

be something people are down for the

camera is of course going to be a big

Focus on Apple as well as new materials

for the lenses on all models and a new

Periscope zoom lens on the Promax which

will allow you to get a crazy 526x

optical zoom using the folded lens

technology that we've seen on a couple

of Androids essentially taking pictures

of anything far away is going to be

incredible because it's Apple's photonic

engine combined with a Super long lens

It's going to be pretty cool and the

Digital Zoom will also be very

impressive but probably the most

underrated feature of the iPhone 15 Pros

are going to be the new chip on the

inside usually this is unremarkable and

It doesn't mean a whole lot considering

how fast iPhones are but the A17 chip is

a new architecture based on three

nanometers that Apple has never put in a

product to date which is for the iPhone 15

Pro means massive performance

improvements the biggest and years

massive efficiency improvements so big

jump in battery life and also just

faster processing speeds in general that

You might notice that

combined with physically larger

batteries coming to all the iPhone 15

Pro Models means that the pretty NADA

not Super Cash Money battery on the

iPhone 14 pro might be getting addressed

this year and of course the pros are

getting some new colors this year but

are they new we've got silver in

space black yet again a new dark blue

Finish that I think looks all right but

It's just kind of mid I am most

excited for the new Titan gray iPhone 15

Pro which I think looks stunning it's

the perfect mix between silver and space

black and a proper Gray-colored titanium

I think will be a hit we're not just

Apple Watch Series 9

getting iPhones though Apple is also

planning a new version of the Apple

Watch series 9 and a new version of the

Apple Watch Ultra I'm more excited for

This one I'll tell you why but starting

off with series nine the main

Upgrade I kid you not this year will be

a faster S9 chip on the inside and while

That sounds like it's something Apple

Does every year this is the

first time the chip is getting an actual

Improvement since three years ago the

current S8 chip is based on the S7

and the S6 is from 2020 and this

time we're getting an upgrade to

architecture of the a15 ship so going

down to I think five nanometers which

means better processing power efficiency

and hopefully, fingers crossed better

battery life the other main part of the

Apple Watch Series 9 is going to be all

the fun new colors which include things

like a nice pink color that everybody

has been stoked for that will basically

match your new pink iPhone 15 and it

seems like after all this time Apple has

finally figured out a way to sync up all

the new colors at the same time I'm sure

Apple will also introduce something else

But those are all credible rumors

Apple Watch Ultra 2

For that now for the ultra 2, we're

hearing it's going and having the same

design as last year because Apple just

released this a year ago but this will

have a new space black titanium color

that based on these renders makes me

want to buy about 30 of these the

original Apple watch Ultra only came in

the natural titanium finish which I

think looks nice but introducing some

More colors are a way to Spur some

excitement and that's going to get the

new S9 chip as well and those were all

The super prominent rumors we've

also heard about the ultra but in the

past we've heard that Apple is working

to add satellite connectivity emergency

SOS via satellite to the ultra and I

could see that being a change

this year considering that the battery

Life is so good on this that they could

support that feature on the

Ultra next up let's talk about iPads

New iPads

Well for a while I was pretty hesitant

on a saying that we would get a new iPad

of some kind at this event I do think

The iPad Mini 7 may be unveiled in less

Then two weeks later after hearing a

A lot of different information circulating

around and older rumors saying we would

See a new iPad Mini at about this time

and considering it has not been updated

In about two years it would be pretty

easy for Apple to do a quick spec bump

With a faster chip maybe we also get a

new iPad Air with an M2 Chip because

That hasn't been touched in 18 months or

So that is usually the upgrade cycle

that iPads are on and I don't know if

These are going to be big changes to the

iPad the iPad Pro big changes are coming

In 2024 video on that coming at some

point for me in the future just no small

iPad changes if we get any of this event

Finally, for Airpods we are getting a

USB-C AirPods Pro

new version of AirPods Pro as well as this

has been confirmed by Bloomberg's Mark

German says Apple will be releasing

a new pair with USBC on them instead of

lightning to go with parity to the

iPhone 15 which is cool they're gonna be

the same airpods as they have been for

the past year because Airpods Pro 2 are

just now a year old but they've got USBC

which is cool you'll see them through

line of this event is USBC

is happening and that's pretty sick man

I gotta have the same cable for my

MacBook my phone my watch

My brain I'm on a USBC My brain and I

hope you guys do as well if you do drop

Hit subscribe for more Thank you

to today's sponsor hope you guys enjoyed

This we are an iPhone season this is not

a time for funner games you guys don't

even know the level of ish I've got

planned and you're gonna be like whoa he

wasn't kidding when he said what he's

got planned and uh yeah we've just got

Some fun activities are in the works for the

next two to three to four weeks it's

It's September it's gonna be crazy and

I'm just hoping you guys are here for

the ride subscribe if you aren't thank you.

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