Google is ROASTING iPhone 15 Pro


  • Google just exposed the iPhone 15 series What a way to kick off the iPhone month With some good old roasting Google has been following Samsung's footsteps and going hard on Apple when it comes to roasting mocking trolling and now exposing Apple's biggest change on the iPhone 15 series which is of course the USBC Edition in case you don't know because of the pressure from the European Union.
  • Apple is finally doing the right thing for the consumer and the environment putting an end to the outdated USB lightning boort for a fast USBC charging boort this may be a new thing for Apple Fans but for everyone else it's just been the standard for quite some time which is why Google is Back with the new roasting session targeting the iPhone 15 series Directly this is nice A spa day was the the perfect idea with all these big launches events coming up these launches just Keep getting harder.
  • I mean you know what got Applause at my first launch 16 years ago sliding to unlock sliding to unlock Now it seems like every time I turn around phones like you are doing stuff I can't like unblurring old photos answering unknown calls with AI and live Translating messages it's exhausting but I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve like what you'll be USB coming soon you're Finally getting USBC charging What how Did you know Lucky Guess okay quick thoughts Google is once again highlighting the features that we don't see on the iPhone such as unblurring the photos or answering unknown calls.

  • Using AI all that cool stuff that is exclusive to the pixel phones and then Of course, followed by making fun of Apple's USBC Edition on the iPhone 15 series which again is definitely outdated even the fast charging we're getting which is rumored to be 35 WS it is quite a bit less compared to what we have seen on Android phones which goes Even up to 240 wats, I would rate this roast as 7. 5 out of 10 but let me know What you think about this in the comments below now coming back to some.

  • iPhone 15 leaks it seems like apple might not call their best iPhone the iPhone 15 Ultra instead could still be called the iPhone 15 Pro Max this has been cleared by Mark German which has a great track record but now the new The iPhone 15 series is not the only product with USBC Port Apple is also.

  • Releasing a new version of Air Pods Pro with the USBC Port now for those who are interested in the iPhone 15 Pro Max model, there's still a big chance that it might get delayed in terms of the delivery meaning we could see Apple's best iPhone coming out a bit later in October so there we go brands are now targeting the iPhone 15 series directly and I can only imagine that Samsung is currently loading up their Ammo we're going to see a lot of trolling from Samsung very very soon That's all the latest news.
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