Hey I just keep getting bigger and better and crazier it can turn your words into videos reply to your emails in seconds and even edit your pictures as if it's Magic so I found the top 10 most insane AI tools that are changing the world that you just got to try right now So straight away I got to show you how You can turn your thoughts into videos It's surprisingly easy and it's done using a website called runwayml.com the The nice thing is that signing up is completely free and you can use this AI on your phone or computer once you're in the next thing to do is select the Gen 2 option and now We can start typing in our video prompt For example, I put in an asteroid flying through space nebula wide shot then Click preview and it'll actually Generate four different preview options The point is to select your favorite one to generate so I liked the first one and here is the video result was just based on my simple prompt and here are a few more examples that were all made just from text it's crazy that you can just now think of something and it becomes a video all you need to do is write down your idea and Runway AI will do its thing and the best part is This is only going to get better and better with time Honestly I'm just scratching the surface with AI there are Even more insane tools.

AI ART 2.0:

Now it's hard to think that AI art can get any better than it already is but With this next tool, it does if You head to this website called clipdrop.com then over to the tools here You will find a stable diffusion XL now Multiple things make this AI tools are so special and the first one is Once you've typed in your prompt you can Select the style there are quite a couple of different ones to choose As you can see photographic and once you're happy with the style then it's time to generate and in a After a couple of seconds, I was able to get the most beautiful and realistic artworks of a robotic tabby cat but what makes this AI even more special is this tool called uncrop you can use your original generation or you can drag in a new picture and basically what you can do With this adjust how big you'd like your image to be then just click next Check this out The AI extends the an image like literal magic and believe it or not it gets even crazier with this a tool called Relight Once you've completed your generation or added a new image to the canvas you can actually Adjust the Light Within it so you can completely adjust each light source Individually you can move it in any way on your image to change the shadowing which as you can see is so accurate you can also change the color and adjust the brightness or even add more light to this changes everything in AI art because it gives you so much more control and so far no other air tool can do this and if you want to find out how you can make art like this for free forever without any lemon it then make sure you stay till the end.


Now let me show you this crazy cool fusing AI tool called Instagram.

 Me again This can be used on your phone or computer and what this AI does is fuse two pictures almost perfectly so imagine taking two pictures and mixing them together to get one unique and amazing picture to do this on Instagram All you have to do is upload your main image the one which style you'd like to change it doesn't matter how complicated or simple the picture is but then it's time to choose a style they have a bunch of pre-loaded styles to choose from or you can choose your own so I went for a super cool colorful gradient of lines very abstract but again this can be a picture of anything then it's time to process the image which can take a while If you're on a free account but after a few seconds check it out Here are the amazing results I mean the AI does such a good job and you guys can go crazy with this like you can Even mix up your photo with spaghetti picture and the results turn out really surprisingly accurate it is just so cool To me, with AI you can take one photo and almost perfectly influenced it with another photo.


So let's say you have a photo like this That looks pretty cool but you want to Take it to the next level with Photoshop's new AI they've made it unbelievably simple and let me tell you The results are insane You start by dragging and dropping your image into a large blank canvas then you pick the selection tool and here's where things start getting crazy because if you Select a portion of your image then the outside area you'll notice this new menu bar and so now if you click on it then Click generate Photoshop's new AI tool will automatically predict and extend your image for you and even give you three different options to choose from So from just your image as the starting point it can generate an entirely new the world around you based on just a couple elements and as you can see the results are impeccable but not only that with the lasso tool you can take out or add in anything so if I wanted angel wings For example, you just type it in, and Bam I got myself some angel wings or maybe I wanted some Smoky dark clouds a Halo Some butterfly's foreground plants it does sometimes take a couple of tries to Get it right but this AI can pretty much do it all and in just a few minutes you can make something amazing from Nothing this is such a huge game changer but besides Photoshop's AI Google also dropped one of its biggest AI tools.


All right now Google's new AI is going to completely change the way you write emails forever if you head to their workspace webpage I'll have it linked Below is where you can sign up to have access to this epic AI it's super simple and all very self-explanatory but now what happens is If you head into Gmail and compose a new mail right at the bottom here is a new Magic Pen tool that can write emails for you for example write an email to my co-workers letting them know They have bad breath and then hit create and in a matter of seconds, you have a perfectly written email on a subject you probably would have struggled to write yourself but what's more is there's even an option to recreate the mail like rewrite it or there's a refine option to Make the mail shorter or even more formal of course this can also be used to reply to emails and you will not believe how much time this AI has saved You'll also find the same AI Tool in Google Docs so for example I asked it to create a job cover letter for me and in just a few seconds it generated an the entirely original document that you can Use just by clicking the insert button This will save you so much time and the The crazy thing is this is all entirely for free.


So this AI has recently taken the Internet by Storm and its AI-generated QR codes but not just any QR codes the website is called aircraft. XYZ and again with this you can Use it on your phone or computer once you get to the website at first it may looks a little complicated but it's so simple to do so right at the top here is where You type in your prompt or short description for example a portrait of a Terminator robots are highly detailed smooth and Vivid then here's where you paste The link to where you'd like the QR code to take people like my YouTube channel For example, then it is time to generate and after a few seconds, you'll get a completely original and never before seen the QR code created just for that web link and I love it this is honestly so unique and I've never seen anything like This is just goes to show How AI is changing the world and evolving the way we do things.


So this next AI is a lot of fun to play with and kind of makes you wonder what's real anymore It's called reface.ai and boring and on their website if you scroll down you'll see this option swap faces after that it's time to upload a video of yourself or maybe a friend and once that is done it is time to upload the face you'd like to swap with for example I used the iconic Mr Bean's face after that you just scroll down and begin the face swap it Surprisingly doesn't take that long but When it's done you get something a little bit like this which is either funny or kind of scary but it's The fastest and quickest way to do a face swap this AI tool is hilarious and you can even put Your face on someone else kind of like I did with this clip with Mr Bean no.


Okay now I'm not gonna lie this AI blew In my mind, it's called Sky Blockade Labs and it takes AI to a whole new level as You open the website and drag the mouse around you get this visual of a 360 degree world and what's crazy is you can create your own so once you've clicked on the create new button you can Type in the prompt box like let's say a high-tech cyberpunk City then click generate and prepare for your mind to be blown because this AI will generate an entirely new city that's never been seen Before you also had this little menu over here that allows you to pick the exact style you want your world to be in I love that there's so many different styles to choose from I mean Imagine this AI after just a few months You'll probably be able to transform this world and start moving through it and speaking of transform check this out.


Now transforming yourself has probably never been easier thanks to an AI tool from wonderdynamics.com to get started You can just sign in and use a free account but after that you need to have a video of yourself or a friend doing Just about anything once you've got that It's time to create a new project and Import the video you'd like to transform It's all very simple and easy to do then for the AI to know what it needs to change it's important to scrub through and find a frame where the person is visible once the AI has scanned the body it's time to choose a character They currently have about 15 to choose from but it's as simple as dragging and dropping it onto your subject then after it's processed here are the results and it is beyond impressive that you can go so crazy and do a bunch of different things with this like transform yourself into an alien into a Badass robots or pretty much whatever it Do you want quite the transformative AI.


Now it's time to show you guys how to Get unlimited art Generations basically Forever by downloading an app called the fusion key as you open this site you can instantly download the app for Mac and If you're on Windows don't worry about a Windows version is coming up pretty soon Then once it's installed and opened up It'll just need to download a couple more models but it doesn't take Long then it's pretty much good to go and in the text prompt, you can type out Whatever it is you'd like to generate Over here is a Styles option where you can include a bunch of different styles prompts to help you get better results and when you're all done click generate And then BAM you have an epic artwork that was generated by this app on your a computer without actually needing the Internet or to pay for anything because I don't know if you guys noticed but my The internet was actually off the entire time and what makes this even more amazing is that you can upload and install art models so in stable Diffusion XL has come out you can download it and upload that to diffusion B that way you'll have the most powerful AI R tool on your computer to generate.

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