Web ChatGPT:

You can turn charity into pretty much Anything now from giving it a custom design connecting it to Spotify and having a verbal conversation Hi there so let me show you the Top 10 ways you can hack your chat GPT and take it to the next level Okay so straight about the official chatbot app is now out on Android and iOS but there is so much more you can do using the desktop version so open up Chrome because the first thing we've got to do is search for a plugin called web chat but it's the first link and if you Click on that go ahead and add this to your Chrome browser now when you head Back to chat GBT you'll see this little switch that you can toggle on and connect straight to Google so now you can ask just about anything even Current events like why Elon Musk changed Twitter to X and it'll go do the research for you and then reply or like What new rumors or leaks are there about the new iPhone 15. There's also a bunch of other cool things you can do with this extension especially when you Go and Google something like Is iPhone better than Samsung it seems to scan all the research results and then It comes up with its logical answer based on what it found but honestly This little hack is nothing compared to What I have for you guys at the end questions.

ChatGPT Music:

Now to move on to the next hack and for this one you'll need Chuck GPT4 but Trust me it is worth it then Under your profile just click on settings beta features and right over Here toggle on plugins now in a new chat Head to the plugin Store and search for a plugin called playlist AI once you've installed it you can then ask chat to get something like creating a playlist of the greatest hits from the 2000s it'll then Take that prompt and generate a list of songs for you but more importantly it'll Create a link that will take you directly into Spotify where it automatically created a playlist based on what you asked this can be crazy useful when you're bored of your usual songs maybe you need a party playlist or some fresh recommendations you can then share that playlist with anyone you want or even team up with someone to build a slick playlist and add more songs kinda like how I teamed up with Surfsharkvpn to make this video because there's something cool you can do with it and chat GPT but I'll share that with you guys a bit later.

ChatGPT everywhere:

So for this next hack if you go back into Chrome and download an extension called chat Sonic here's what it looks like and once you've added that Extension Check this out if you go into your emails and reply to someone you'll See this brand-new tool where you can Briefly type out what you'd like your plate to be then choose a tone like negative or positive click reply and Verbum chat Sonic that uses chat TPT will instantly write an email reply for you in just a few seconds but it gets even crazier because you can use chat Sonic to compose an entire email once You've typed out roughly what you'd like your mail to include once again select a tone then just hit the right button and It'll compose an entire email for you with that specific tone in mind but just Make sure you give it a read-over in case you're using it with your boss or something and don't want to get called and there is still so much more you can do with it for example within X AKA Twitter you can get it to write our tweets for you for example my co-worker likes to eat tuna sandwiches Before meetings choose your tone then Hit that right button and you will get a pretty sweet tweet but there are even more places you can use this in like the YouTube comments section for example or even Google Docs where you can get it to write and do your work for you pretty much anywhere on the internet so now if you think about it you can pretty much Use Chachi PT anywhere.

ChatGPT Fitness:

Now this next chat GPT plugin is one of my favorites and it's called World Cup generator once you've installed it inside a new chat you can Give it some of your health stats but then ask it to create a workout plan for you based on your goals and in a couple of seconds it'll create a super-detailed workout plan for you but also great pictures to see what muscles you're targeting you can also get these really detailed videos on how to do the different workouts which come in super handy especially to someone who's just Starting I mean this takes chat GPT to the next level.

Custom GPT designs:

Now on to something really fun if you head back into Chrome extensions and Search for a plugin called Bulrush once You've installed it back inside chat GPT You'll notice this new box where you can do a couple of things but more importantly within settings you can Customize and change the the appearance of your chat GPT so you can Do a few things like changing it to multiple different colors there are so many different options to choose from And I think this looks so Cool plus you can choose from a ton of different fonts and whether you want a dark or light mode and this just looks so cool In total there are around 832 different combinations you could get With this just go wild and create Whatever style gets you chatting with it.

Instant Summary:

Okay so you know how you get documents that you have to read for hours on end Or you're doing research for work or an assignment but your deadline is up well this extension called Chachi PT summary for Chrome is going to save you a ton of time and once you've added it to your Chrome. how it works is let's Say you're watching a video on YouTube If you hit that icon it'll instantly Start making a summary of Basically what the video is all about and if you head into its settings you can even change the initial prompt it uses for summarizing so if you want it To be a bit more detailed you could just change it but with this extension really shines is with super long articles like This just breathes right through them and gives you the most important points in no time.

Generate Memes:

So chat GPT is slowly getting better at making jokes but you can kick it up a notch by getting this Meme creator plugin all you got to do is turn it on and I mean I'm pretty sure you can Imagine what it does next what you do is Ask it to create a meme for you like I Use the classic iPhone versus the Samsung Hit send and chat EBT will then use the plugin to create an original Meme and Honestly, the memes it comes up with an be quite hilarious and another The cool thing is that if you wanted to you can right-click on the image Save it and send it to your friends but Besides turning chat GPT into your own personal meme generator there's still so much more you can get it to do.

Generate Bars & Graphs:

Okay so this next plugin is called Show Me Diagrams This is so cool and definitely takes your chat GPT up a level once You've turned it on inside a new chat Just ask the chatbot to show you how to do something for example I asked it how to become a millionaire in five years it then uses the Show Me Diagrams plugin to draw out and generate a visual diagram of the steps you need to take I mean besides asking it for something Like this, it can come in really handy especially if you're a visual a thinker like me and want to quickly find out how to do things like how to change a car tire or maybe even how to learn a language in a few steps and another a similar plugin that can be even more useful is this one called diagram which comes in handy if you have a lot of information like all the world's most popular pies what I can now do is ask chatbot to take this information and Turn it into a pie chart by using This plugin chatbot took my information and turned it into a pie chart and even a bar graph and if I click on this it opens up a much more detailed view of the pie chart as well As the bar graph so cool.


So believe it or not you can actually Play games inside the chat apt I mean it's nothing crazy but you can play games like chess and even tic-tac-toe once You've added the plugins to the Prompt Just say you want to start a beginner-level game of chess and just like that it throws up a game board and asks for your move then it's up to you to Upward the super-intelligent AI easy and the reason why this is so cool is You can ask chat GPT how to play and to help you to get better kind of like a real professional chess player and the The same goes for a quick game of tic-tac-toe just ask it to play and It'll load it up for you which is actually kind of perfect especially when You get bored of chatting to it but now Let's move on to the best hack for chat GPT.


So this is going to be one of the coolest things you can do with chat GPT and it's called Talk to Chat GPT It's a completely free Chrome extension and Once you've installed it back in a new chat you'll notice this little box now Just select it and start chatting Hello How can I assist you today as you can See whenever you talk it is automatically typed in for you then chat GPT will respond but it gets even crazier because if you go into a website called 11labs.io then sign up for a free account but click on your profile here you can then copy this API key now it seems confusing but it's simple and all you do Back inside chat GPT is enabled in 11 labs and paste in your API key then you can select any one of these voices and I went with Emily and now I can just say Hey ask me a question sure what do you love to do I love to make mind-blowing AI videos That's cool what's your favorite AI Well at the moment you are Oh thanks I mean this is just nuts and it says if you're talking to an actual real person but what's even more insane is that if you go back you can choose from around 38 different voices and every The single voice sounds so good You can even give me this whispering voice If you want to So most of these hacks make Chachi BT amazing but it still has a few problems like if you ask it for a list of movies You probably won't have some of them on Netflix in your country or Worse some works and schools straight up completely block chat GPT I mean that just sucks but there's a way to get around these problems by using a VPN like surf Shock so whenever chat TPT recommends me The movie Surf Shark can pretty much give me Netflix's entire library and I can Also, use chat GBT even if the Wi-Fi or The country I'm in has blocked it but Honestly, there are so many other uses for surf sharks if your school or work Wi-Fi has blocked websites like Facebook or YouTube for example you can still use them with Surfs hark which can come in super handy and what's Bonkers is that a month of Surf Shark is not only cheaper than a cup of coffee.

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