Tronsmart Bang Max - This Speaker Is Epic!


watts of power a three-way audio system

and an impressive 18 000 milliamp-hour

battery the Tron Smart Bang Max is a

Great portable speaker for any part of

Your event it's a larger size with an easy

to carry handle delivers some great

audio and with Bluetooth as well as

microphone and instrument input the

possibilities are endless now full

disclosure before we get started with the

video is sponsored by Tronsmart and

They've sent me the Bang Max for free to

Showcase to you guys the tronsmart bang

Max takes portable speakers to a whole

new level thanks to its impressive

maximum volumes ipx6 waterproofing

plenty of built-in features and it's

easy to carry design we'll start by

going through the specs then we're going

to cover the sound test in all of the

features so as I said at the start we've

got a 130-watt 3-way speaker system and

This is made up of two 35-watt woofers

220-watt mid-tweeters and then two 10

watt tweeters in the they're all placed

in the front behind the grill and then

We've got two passive radiators each

side we've got all of the buttons along

the top to easily control the speaker

but you can also control it with your

phone or the app on the left side of the

bar we've got the power indicator this

has got four dots and each dot

represents 25 of power we've then got

the power button that you can also

single press to control the LEDs on the

side we get three different LED modes

We've got the volume down the player

pause and the volume up we've then got a

stereo pairing button if you want to

connect multiple speakers we've

got the sound pulse EQ button a tune com

button and then an echo button now

Underneath at the back, we've got a TF

card slot a USB port an AUX input and

Then we've also got a guitar input and a

mic input followed by the DC is now the

The great thing about the Miking guitar or

mic 2 inputs are that not only do we get

the volume knobs below them but we can

Also, change the gain with the flat-head

knobs at the bottom we get Bluetooth 5.3

here with a transmission range of 18

meters or 59 feet we've got the SBC

audio codec and with a frequency range

of 50 hertz to 20 kilohertz and a

maximum loudness of 110 decibels the 18

000 milliamp-hour battery it takes about

five hours to charge but it's going to

last for 24 hours at 50 volume and the

speaker weighs in at just under six

kilos the speaker can also be used as a

power bank by connecting your

electronics to the USB port on the back

When it comes to sound quality it sounds

great as well as being nice and loud it

comes with a relatively balanced EQ by

default and there's nice Punchy Bass

with clean mids and crisp highs we also

Get a choice of deep bass classical rock

or their patented sound post-technology

EQ and this allows the speaker to

produce those high-pitched vocals and

deep bass simultaneously now for those

of you that want some customization you

can also make your setup thanks to a

5 band EQ and you can easily do this in

the mobile app the speaker goes

incredibly loud and it still sounds

Great even at full volume it's pumping

out the deep bass while still keeping

The sounds nice and clean This is by far

the loudest portable speaker that we've

ever looked at on the channel so we'll

Just take a listen to the speaker now

and I'll do it up close and from a

distance but it's important to know that

My camera microphone isn't going to be

able to pick up the sound quality as

well as your rears so it will sound

worse on my video than it does in real

life So as you can see there it goes very

loud and loud enough to upset

the neighbors and when I've been using

it in the garden I tend to keep it

around 40 volumes while it's playing you

can also see we've got the RGB rings

around the passive radiators and we can

set these between three different

modes which is the carousel a breathing

mode or the one called fashion party and

especially at night time, it's a nice

addition to the speaker the fact that

We've got two microphones or instrument

inputs on the back means that this is

not only going to work as a great

karaoke machine but you can also use it

As a guitar amp if you've got two of

these speakers that you can also pair

them up for a stereo mode we've also got

the tune con mode and this allows you to

connect up to 100 speakers which is

crazy another handy feature is the Dual

audio mode and this allows you to

Connect two Bluetooth devices

Simultaneously this is great if you're

in the garden and then there's a couple

of you that want to keep connecting to

your speaker and play some different

playlists when you open up the Tron

smart app you can press play to get a pause

and also change the speaker's volume up

from your phone This is great if you're

not playing music over Bluetooth and

You're using something like a

3.5 mil audio jack we can choose from

multiple eqs within the app you can also

Change the play mode or LED modes from

within the app as well on top of that

You can use the app to update the

speaker firmware as well as having a

copy of the manual here as well as the

The fact that you've got this many features

On top of a great-sounding speaker means

It is the only portable speaker

you're ever going to need and thanks to

Its ip6 water resistance not even the

weather can stop your party now as I

said at the start this was a sponsored

video so we normally only cover the

specs rather than Give opinions but this

is the best portable speaker

that I've personally had on this channel

Now in terms of pricing, they're

launching with a discount on the original

price is 229

229 pounds or 229 Euros but from the 5th

to the 15th of September is discounted

to 169 dollars 169 pounds or 179 Euros

which for all of the features and the

sound quality you get here I'd say it's

a decent price if you get a speaker like

This then I can't ever see you needing

to upgrade so if you're in the market

For a new speaker then definitely check

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