Google Pixel 8 - Everything Leaked!

Today we've got everything leaked for

The pixel8 pro including the confirmed

launch date the pricing as well as new

features that we weren't expecting to

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There is excitement for the Pixel 8 series

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Before we get into the reveals we've got

The official launch invites that have

been sent out by Google confirming that

The launch is going to be held on

Wednesday the 4th of October and this

going to be a global launch where we're

going to see the Pixel 8 Pixel 8 Pro

and the Watch 2 the Pixel 8 series have

also appeared on the FCC certification

and this confirms that they're using

Broadcom's BCM 4389 chip for both models

and this means that both pixels 8 and

The pixel8 Pro is going to feature

Wi-Fi 7 now sadly the FCC filing also

reveals that the Pixel 8 Pro comes with

ultra wideband but the standard pixel 8

doesn't know Next up we've got

confirmation that despite previous

rumors the pixel 8 and the pixel 8 Pro

are not going to be him only every model

in every country is going to have a

physical SIM card and I know this going

to be great news for a lot of you we

previously had confirmation of exciting

New features like an audio eraser and video

and blur and according to a new report

From 95 Google we're also getting a

Night sight video Google's night sight

Photography does an incredible job at

taking lowlight environments and making

a great image out of it but it's going

It to be interesting to see how this works

In the video, it takes a long time to take a

night sight photo so I assume there's

going to be a lot of work going on to

Do something similar with a video without

massively cutting the frame rate or the

shutter speed now given that the pixel 8

and the pixel8 pro is going to share

the same primary camera and chipset

We're hoping that the night sight video is

going to be available on both models

We've also got the exciting news that the

The Pixel 8 series will be getting an

Upgrade to an ultrasonic fingerprint

scanner and for a phone line that's had

so many issues with the fingerprint

unlocks this is incredible news now

Ultrasonic scanners are faster and more

accurate they're going to massively

increase the performance of the

fingerprint unlock and it's unknown at

the moment if this is going to be for

the pixel 8 Pro only or if it is going

to be used in both models now next up

We've got another reveal of the pixel8

pro and again it comes from Google

themselves if you take a look under

subscriptions and services on Google

Store you'll see this image here and it

clearly shows a man using the Pixel8 pro

The porcelain color, confirms the

design is exactly as I've been showing

you on this channel for weeks this is

hardly a surprise as we've already had a

A lot of leaks from Google Now in the

past that Google has been terrible at

keeping any information secret and all

The leaks have come out incredibly early

and they have been accurate so I think

At this point, they've just completely

given up and decided it's just better to

Show us the devices themselves now next

Up we've got the first pricing leak

courtesy of Slash leaks and it claims

that the pixel 8 128 gig model is going

to be about

874 the 256 gigs are going to be about

949 then for the Pixel 8 Pro it says the

128 gig model is €

1,235 with the 256 gig model being €

1,39 and the 512 gig model is going to

be €

1,461 now of course prices are not

directly comparable between regions due

to different pricing anyway as well as

different taxes but it does give us a

a good idea of what to expect now for

Those of you excited about Pixel 8 and

The Pixel 8 Pro we're now going to run

through the full spec's design and the

price to help you guys decide which one

is right for you for my regular viewers

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So first up we've got the standard

pixel 8 with the standard pixel8 we get

a 6.17 flat display it's a 120 HZ

full HD Plus OLED with a resolution of

2400x 1080 and a peak brightness of

1,400 nits we get a 10.8 mega punch

camera for the Selfies then on the rear

We've got a 50-mega Samsung gn2 for the

the primary camera and a 15-mega Sony IMX

386 for the ultra-wide of course

powered by Google's new tensor G3

chipset and it comes with 8 gigs of RAM

and a choice of 128 or 256 storage we

get a

4,485 mAh battery with 24 W wire

charging and 20 W Wireless we also get

5G supports Bluetooth 5.3 Wi-Fi 7 and of

course the phone is going to ship with

Android 14 the phone is launching in

October and we're still awaiting

confirmation of the prices but it's

estimated to launch around $650 to

$700 now Next up we've got the pixel 8

Pro for the first time we get a 6.7

in 120 HZ flat display on the pro model

It's coming with a resolution of 2992 by

1344 giving us 490 pixels per inch we

get a peak brightness of 1,600 nits we

Get a 10.8 mega punch camera for the

Selfies then on the rear we get a 50 map

Samsung gn2 for the primary camera a 64

map Sony IMX 787 for the ultra-wide then

a 48 map gm5 for the telephoto and it's

going to have five times optical zoom

It's of course powered by Google's new

tensor G3 chipset and it comes with a

choice of 8 or 12 GB of RAM and then a

choice of 128 256 or 512 storage we get

a 4,950 mAh battery with 27 W fast wire

charging then 23 W Wireless we also get

5G support Bluetooth 5.3 Wi-Fi 7 and

Ultra-wideband and then we also get a

new temperature sensor which is brand

new to the pixel series now the phone

will of course shipped with the new

Android 14 and the phone is launching in

October again we're still awaiting

confirmation of the prices but I

estimate it's going to launch at around

$950 to $11,000 so the pixel 8 is

It looks like a nice upgrade to the pr

previous models, well it initially seemed

that there wasn't going to be much of a

change we now know there are plenty of

design and Hardware changes to really

improve the user experience the fact

that we're now getting an ultrasonic

The fingerprint scanner is going to bring

big improvements to the day-to-day

usability with all the new AI features

It's going to make day-to-day life and

photography that little bit easier now

given that it is still quite similar to

The predecessor I can't imagine those on

The seven series are going to be rushing

for an upgrade but definitely for those

on older models or looking to get their

The first-pixel phone it's going to be a

Great choice now as always with Google

We know way too much ahead of the launch

And we already know pretty much

everything there is to know but

Hopefully, Google still has some

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