iPhone 15 - 23 Things You NEED to KNOW!

  • Apple has just unveiled the iPhone 15s yesterday and they came with a lot of changes some of which they didn't mention at the event so here's not five not ten but 23 interesting things that you should know about the iPhone 15 if you plan on getting one and I should be clear about this iPhone 15 series case collection offers some personalized choices while also providing military-grade protection glass yes for the first time in a non-pro model we have a frosted glass back which looks amazing on top of this apple is using a new process for coloring the glass by infusing the color directly into the.
  • Glass instead of painting it on the bottom so it should look quite uh quite nice in-person number two we also get some new pastel colors and yes these colors are very pastel they're very washed out although some of them look nice the black one is by far my favorite especially since this is the first matte black iPhone ever since the iPhone 7. and that's because we get both matte black sides and a matte black frosted glass back which just looks amazing the green color looks awesome too uh the pink looks pretty good too the yellow is okay and the blue is very muted it almost looks like white probably because we don't get a white this year then if you're wondering why don't have a product Red version anymore like we've had in all the recent years well that's likely because Apple will be introducing it in March as the new color this is what they've been doing for the past few years as well.
  • Adding some new colors in March and Apple has talked about that much but the frame is more rounded towards the edges now like we've seen leaked which does make it more comfortable to hold in the hand Interestingly enough the letter cases are entirely gone and Apple is using a material called Fine woven essentially this is more like a synthetic fiber it's more eco-friendly and it kind of looks like Apple's cleaning cloth material so it seems to be very soft but of course we'll confirm this once we get the cases in-store or in the studio next week and something I'm very glad to see is Apple increasing the display brightness on the standard models so now the standard models can go as bright as the pros up to 2,000 nits in direct sunlight from 800 like we had before so this is a huge huge increase which means that it really aside from the promotion technology so the 120 hertz the displays between the standard models and the pros are now.

  • Essentially identical and just as rumored we also get the same Dynamic Islands as the iPhone 14 Pros from last year which means that more and more apps will support it and uh it will be used as a lot more than it is currently then number eight we get the Apple a16 chip which is the chip that Apple launched last year so yes the standard models do not get laid the latest chip like we used to in the past but it gets the pro chip from the year before now if you're getting an iPhone 15 you also need a case to protect it and that's where our sponsor case defy comes in so what I like the most about Case Defy and I'd recommend them because they offer a ton of protection options that you can customize and make them your own I picked the speed design as it's the symbol of Manchester or for the base case defies new iPhone 15K series offers a variety of options from Forex up to 10x military grade draw protection and their A new ultra bones case has been designed.
  • For complete protection while still being comfortable and fully customizable too with 6 layers of shielding provided by the inner grid lens cover hard shell backplates x-shaped eco shock lining Ultra bounce Corners hard shell bumper and inner eco shock climbing the ultra bounce is one of the most protective cases on the market and for minimal lists case defy also offers impact and balance cases so you can decide on the style and protection that you need to get 15 off at casetify. com zone of tech now the standard models do get brand-new 48-megapixel camera but Apple hasn't mentioned this at the event this is not the same camera as the 14 pros from last year or the 15 pros from this year despite having the same megapixel count this is a smaller 48-megapixel sensor if you take a look at a pixel size one in the iPhone 14 Pros and 15 Pros have 2. 44.
  • Microns compared to two microns on the iPhone 15s the good news however is that the new Default Resolution is now 24 megapixels as opposed to 12 like we had before even on the 14 pro it was also 12 despite having a 48-megapixel sensor and you could only do 48 megapixels in raw but now you can do 24 as well which means that on the iPhone 15 the images that you take will be twice as sharp which is awesome and this is the default now 20 24 megapixels but the best news for me by far, we also get smart hdr5 so smart hdr4 that was Apple's HDR processing engine was found on the iPhone 13 and 14 and it wasn't great like we've seen from our previous camera comparisons those iPhones had blown out highlights constantly and based on the images that we've seen it seems like smart hdr5 finally fixes those issues of course we'll do our camera comparison so definitely subscribe and stay tuned for those and we'll confirm if this issue has been fixed or not but.

  • If you find out how the iPhone 14 Pros despite having the same chip and also a very similar main camera and that is better does not get smart hdr5 through a software update instead, it sticks with smart HDR4 just like the 14 Pros the standard models also get that 2x sensor crop Zoom so essentially a 2X lossless Zoom kind of like having a third lens in that case which is awesome and yeah we now have a zoom optical zoom so to say on the standard models, too, and then we also get a big upgrade when it comes to portrait mode photos so now whenever you take up regular photos it will detect if that photo can be taken in a portrait mode and automatically switch to a portrait mode so essentially it's just an automatic now you don't have to manually switch it not only that but you can also change the focus on the subject after you've already taken the shot and on top of that you can also use that 2x sensor crop to take your portrait mode shots.
  • Us Before you could only use the main lens but yeah now we have another option now even though the cameras do seem to be quite similar to the 14 pros and 15 processes they're not especially the ultra-wide the ultra ride on the Pro Models can shoot macro photos and it is also Superior in other ways like low lights um and you just don't have this on the standard model so do keep that in mind and we also lack prores and pro raw these are also exclusive to the pro model so if you need the extra editing flexibility a pro raw especially for photos would indeed make a pretty the substantial difference is something that is not exclusive to the Pro Models is USBC which we finally get but on the southern models, this is restricted to USB 2. 0 speeds of just 480 megabits per second these are the same speeds as before and this is the slowest USBC connector that you can have on any phone.
  • Right now there are no slower speeds than USB 2. 0 oh and fun fact the only reason why Apple switched to USB type-c this year because they were forced by the EU to do so but something cool about USBC is that now you can connect to USBC displays directly without the need for an adapter and you can also charge your Apple watch and Your AirPods Pro directly from the USBC cable from the iPhone which is pretty cool now it doesn't work wirelessly sadly there's still no reverse while discharging despite us having the tech inside the iPhones to do that with the Maxi battery pack but yeah there's no way of actually charging those wirelessly like you can on other phones like Samsung phones 19, the cable is braided which is awesome but sadly it is not color-matched like it was initially leaked we also get the brand new U2 chip and no this doesn't have anything to do with YouTube which Apple kinda.

  • Pre-installed a few years ago so if you have an Apple Watch Series 9 and an iPhone 15 or 15 Pro you can locate it just like an air attack with Precision finding and you also get three times the range compared to the U1 chip but the The weird thing is that we didn't get The precision finding before with the E1 chip at all on an Apple Watch and an iPhone despite already getting this functionality with the air tag which also comes with the U1 chip so I do find that is quite weird we also got a brand-new feature called roadside SOS which will also work with the 14 Pros by the way and the 14s essentially when you don't have any solar signal and your car broke down in the middle of nowhere you can now request some roadside help to pick up your car and tow it for example if you have any issues whereas before you would have to call 911 for that now there are some charging limitations so we still get the exact same charging speeds so up to 50 in 30.
  • Minutes despite getting USBC so we don't get any faster charging speeds same place as Pro Models and the wireless charging is still the same 7. 5 Watts uses non-manage Chargers so despite that having been leaked we don't get any faster wireless charging space but we also don't get Wi-Fi 6E only the Pro Models get Wi-Fi 60 this year which offers two times the Wi-Fi speeds compared to Wi-Fi 6 up to 2. 4 gigabits per second from 1. 2 if you have a Wi-Fi 6E router but yeah I do find it a bit of a shame that the iPhone 15 models stick to Wi-Fi 6. and if you're planning on getting an iPhone 15 I would honestly suggest getting an iPhone 14 Pro was refurbished instead which you can probably get about the same price Apple will be selling one too in a few months and the thing is you also get.
  • A lot more extra features you get 120 hertz which is the biggest feature on the Pro Models you get the always on display, you get a 3X level photo module you get the macro mode the better Ultra wide prores Pro raw the stainless steel frame if you like that and so on and the only downside is that you get lightning instead of USBC but I think that trade-off is worth it and favor of all the advantages.

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