DOOGEE T30 Pro - Epic Affordable Tablet!

  • With an 11 inch 2. 5 k display 8 gigabytes plus 7 gigabytes of virtual Ram in The Helion g99 the T30 Pro tablet a packed some great specs at an incredible price and today we'll take a look at everything it has to offer full disclosure before so you can get this as cheap as possible so we'll go straight into the unboxing and what I like here is that as you can see it comes packaged with a case and stand for the tablet so you don't have to purchase.

  • Any as an extra we've also got a stylus with two separate nibs so you can use it whichever one you prefer although this is a passive stylus and not an active one but they do offer an additional the active stylus now follows that we've got the USBC cable the manual and then the power plug and as you can see here I've got the EU one they've also sent me their additional keyboard for the T30 Pro and you just connect the tablet to the keyboard and you're good to go the the keyboard is built to its own protective case and stand and it connects the tablet via the pins at the bottom the keyboard works great in exactly as you'd expect and then the.

  • Trackpad also works nicely and responsibly and I find this great for going through my emails in the morning or replying to YouTube comments now because the keyboard connects via pins there's no delay that you could get from a Bluetooth keyboard and you also don't have to worry about charging the display is an 11-inch IPS display we've got a resolution of 1600 by 2560 and a peak brightness of 350 nits we've got a nice responsive display here with great colors and it's enjoyable to browsing games and media and we've also got wide Vine level 1 certification so this means that you get full-quality services like Netflix or Amazon Prime and then.

  • We've got 256 gigs of us 2. 2 storage for storing your media but then there's also a Micro SD card slot in the tray for those of you who want to expand the storage and you could expand up to two terabytes we've got eight gigabytes of physical RAM comes with an extra seven gigabytes of virtual RAM to help with multitasking and then we've got a quad speaker system which sounds good and then something we don't see often these days is a three-and-a-half millimeter headphone jack is so great to use your headphones for media and much better for gaming now of course the tablet isn't aimed at The Gamers but for those.

  • Of you who enjoy some casual gaming on a tablet then you still can I've tested it with Asphalt 9 and Call of Duty mobile and both were pretty enjoyable to play the large screen I found it really helps with games where you won't be able to play all of the latest games in the max detail levels in the max refresh rate you'll still have an enjoyable experience nonetheless for those concerned with synthetic benchmarks a run it through Geekbench 5 where we get a single core score of 694 and a multi-core score of 1 746 when it comes to software, it's not packed full of bloatware which is always nice to see and we get about 240 gigs of usable.

  • Storage when first booting the device but of course, I've already installed a few apps it shifts to Android 13 and the software overall is nice and it runs exactly as you'd expect from an Android device we've also got some customization and of course, we were able to change things like wallpapers including picking it from some live wallpapers then you've also got a choice to use a light theme or a dark theme now some of the customizations that I like are in the virtual memory in the settings so you can go in here and you can choose whether to turn this virtual RAM on or off then if you turn it on you can also specify the amount of storage that you.

  • Want to use for virtual memory we've also got something called Dura Speed in the settings and this allows you to select certain apps to boost and it prioritizes the foreground apps over the background apps we've also got plenty of shortcuts in the notification bar for things like airplane mode night light QR code scanning and nearby share and it's quite close to a stock Android which I really like now battery life has been pretty decent as well and always lasted the day for me thanks to its 8580mah amp hour battery when it does run out we've got 18 watt fast charge using wire and this will get you to about 50 in an hour but there's no.

  • Wireless charging we've got Bluetooth 5. 2 to connect all of your devices along with Dual Band Wi-Fi and GPS then we've also got an FM radio which work very well but you'll need to plug in speakers or Headphones Up by the three and a half ml headphone jack because it uses that as an antenna when it comes to the camera we get a 20-megapixel camera on the rear along with an 8 megapixel the camera on the front for Selfies and of course, the tablet isn't aimed at photographers but when you need to take photos you get some okay photos from the rear camera and you also get 2K video recording at 30 frames a second.

  • And it comes out pretty well but there's no Optical stabilization foreign for the selfie camera, it also comes out okay for an 8-megapixel camera but I did find it to be very heavy on the magenta and it's not going to be the sort of selfies that you put on Instagram the the active stylus works well for jotting down notes or messing around with drawing but it does appear to draw on the screen is a couple of millimeters away from where I'm pressing down and if you look it's probably a couple of mil to the right and then if I rest.

  • My palm on the tablet then it doesn't work at all so it's not going to be suitable for any type of artist and it's more for just jotting notes now the passive stylus Glides nicely along the display and we get much better accuracy with the passive stylus so I prefer to use that one but you still can't rest your palm on the tablet while you're using the stylus now overall I'm happy with the tablet and probably the the most attractive thing here is the price it's currently 269 pounds 99 on Amazon and they're also giving 70 pounds off plus five percent using the discount code mph LH pres. now for this price it's incredible value and to summarize it's.

  • Great for your day-to-day tablet browsing the web going through socials replying to emails and that sort of thing it's also good for watching media whether you're going to be using the full speaker system which does go pretty loud or you're going to be using three and a half-millimeter or Bluetooth headphones or speakers for casual gamers it also works well and you're going to be able to play all of the latest games just not at the maximum detail and the only people I wouldn't recommend this for is those looking for a drawing tablet but realistically for a good drawing tablet you're probably going to want to spend a little bit more money now of course if.

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