iPhone 16 - Early Leaks & Rumors!


  • So it's only been about a month since we got the iPhone 15s and there are already a couple of leaks and rumors surrounding the iPhone 16 lineup from next year now do take these with a grain of salt as they're very early leaks but if you're on the fence about buying an iPhone 15 right now maybe some of these iPhone 16 details might make you think twice before getting a 15 oh and if you do love the wallpapers that we have on our iPhone 16 Concepts they're from our own app wallpapers where we've now dropped our final two packs for October poetic pigments by Arif and spooky season by splashy which means that this month we've dropped eight new packs for a total of 18 and you can check them out in wallpapers on IOS and Android today so without any further Ado here are five of the biggest iPhone 16 leaks number one larger size according to a number of reliable sources such as Ross Young and Leer Unoz 21 both the iPhone 16 Pro and the 16 Pro Max will be getting bigger the 16 Pro will increase its display size from 6. 1 to 6. 3 in while.

  • The 16 Pro Max will increase his display size from 6. 7 to 6. 9 Ines now that is a significant increase in display size which would not only make the 16 Pro Max the largest iPhone that Apple has ever made but also one of the largest phones that anyone has ever made even the upcoming s-24 Ultra is rumored to comes with a 6. 8 in display so the 16 Pro Max is 6. 9 in panel would outshine even that bigger displays are of course better for watching content but they also come with a major tradeoff they make your phone bigger and therefore more uncomfortable to use so what sort of Dimension changes do we expect to see here well based on these early leaks the iPhone 16 Pro will be about 3 mm taller 0. 85 mm wider and 7 G heavier that's not too bad the fact that we're getting a 0. 2 in larger display but the weight is only going up by 7 G pretty impressive also that 0.

  • 85 mm width increase still makes it narrower than the iPhone 14 pro so in terms of comfort and ease of views you shouldn't notice any downgrade here which I'm very happy to see so what about the iPhone 16 Pro Max well this one is said to be getting taller by about 4 mm wider by about 0. 9 and heavier by 4 G again I'm very surprised that Apple can increase the display size by this much and only increase the weight by 4 G uh which means that they're probably making some other internal changes to bring the weight down the only downside with a prom Max is that the width is now back to what it was on the 14 Pro Max which to me was far too wide and it made the phone just way too uncomfortable to use now the 16 Pro Max would still be more comfortable to use than the 14 pro Max as just like with 15s it would still have that more rounded frame towards the edges but it won't be as comfortable as the 15 Pro Max was which uh I've been personally enjoy a lot okay what else well thanks to the size increase the smaller 16 Pro is also rumored to be.

  • Getting that 5x Tel photo camera from the 15 Pro Max according to M quo and that's great news for anyone who prefers a small-sized iPhone but also wants to have the same features as the largest model but what about the 16 Pro Max, well there is one rumor coming from wo leaker digital chat station who has provided some accurate information in the past and they claimed that the 16 Pro Max will get a super-telephoto lens which is usually something around 300 mm compared to the current 120 on the 15 Pro Max which in turn should give us around a 12 to 12. 5x optical zoom now I do find this quite hard to believe that Apple would bump the zoom module that much in just one year if anything I would expect a more modest increase to 6X or 7x at most as 12x just seems like too big of a jump not only that but having a 12x Zoom module would essentially kill that 5x portion mode of a course that we have now and even portray mode entirely with that lens so in that case they would need to bring in a 3X or 5x lens so we would have four modules on this model now of course is the.

  • Only one rumor so far about the BCO module getting upgraded on a 16 Promax so I would take this with a big grain of salt, okay this next one is looking more likely and that is the main sensor getting upgraded ice Universe did claim that the sensor on the 15 Pro Max would get upgraded to a Sony IMX 903 which is a large 1 over 1. 4 in sensor of course that didn't happen and instead the 15 Pro Max and the 15 Pro both had the same 1 over 1. 28 in sensor that the 14 Pros had a year prior now given that Apple has been using the same main sensor for two iPhone Generations in a row, we are likely going to see an upgrade here now we haven't seen no specific leaks on this it is likely that we could see that IMX 903 that Ice Universe reported a completely different sensor along together M claims that we could see a stacked camera sensor design on the 16 Pros which would of course improve low light performance quite a bit especially if we also get a larger sensor with that and if you're into gaming you're.

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  • To solid-state buttons that didn't happen because of production issues but now both Mar Gman and M quo they're both saying that haptic buttons will come with the iPhone 16 Pros instead, leaker unknown z21 did post some details back in April on how the new volume buttons would look like and this is how we have them in our concept too one large unified volume button with an indent in the middle and when you press down the haptic engine would give you this impression that you've pressed the button even though in reality it would barely move at all similar to how the the trackpad works on a MacBook now there's no real advantage to having such buttons aside from maybe long-term durability but even then when was the last time your volume button or power buttons broke it never happened to me and I've been using an iPhone since the iPhone 3G I guess that Apple could spin it and focus on how water resistance is now better than ever but for me the current 6 M of water resistance for 30 minutes is already way more than enough and this is still the best water resistance on any standard smartphone so.

  • Yeah this is a bit of an odd one I would love to hear your thoughts on this now since we're speaking about buttons there are some rumors that the iPhone 16s would feature a second action button right about where the 5G antenna is right now on the US models which would then be moved to the left-hand side and on the right-hand side we would now have What Apple is calling the capture button internally now from the sounds of it Apple's essentially making a dedicated shutter button for the camera which I do love the sound of as a matter of fact launching the camera is what I have assigned the action button to my iPhone 15 Pro Max and I have mentioned this is in my 3 weeks later video that it does work well but I do feel like it's just way too small and a bit hard to reach now there are some rumors saying that the action button might actually get bigger with the 16s and we also expect to see the action button on the entire 16 lineups but still this won't solve the placement issue so having a dedicated button for just a camera would be great as it would be in the bottom right corner perfect for when.

  • You're shooting landscape content as that's exactly where your finger would naturally rest plus it would also free up that action from the action button allowing you to assign something else to now there are some smartphones that do have a dedicated camera button already mostly the ones from Sony and they're pretty great you press them halfway to focus and then you press them all the way to take your shots so it is safe to assume that this is how Apple's capture button would work but knowing Apple you would expect them to know think differently and have a bit of an unusual implementation and you're perfectly right according to rumors the capture button would be a capacitive button so just like the rest of the button buttons, it would be a static button um and it would give you haptic feedback when it detects that you're pressing it now I don't really know how well this would work with half pressing and long pressing I'm assuming that it will be very similar to the force click on a MacBook trackpad where if you press it lightly it registers as a click but if you press it harder it.

  • Brings up a quick look to look at certain words or preview images full screen it is reported that this capture button would debut across the entire iPhone 16 lineup and not just the Pro Models uh and Apple will have many fracturing a version of them without the capture button um like a fallback in case of production issues but yeah these were just some early leaks things may change of course so do stay tuned to the channel for more updates once we have them and remember that worth under promotion that I was talking about so to claim that a limited-time bonus pack with The Premium Vehicles Decor Premium For accounts and much more click the link below and play War Thunder for free on PC Xbox and Playstation uh but yeah that's pretty much I'm Daniel me and I'll see you guys in the next one Z signing out Cheers.

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