The Worst Hot Takes in Tech



- So I've been on the internet for a long time

and most of it, at least where I hang out,

pretty reasonable which is great.

But you know, there are some tucked away

in the corners every once in a while

that do have some pretty controversial opinions,

things that they believe in,

Some hot takes that are guaranteed to ruffle some feathers

but sometimes there is some truth to them.

So today I've gathered some of the hottest takes

around the internet from you guys

And we're gonna see if they're good takes or not.

Also, I need to thank JxmyHighroller

for the concept for this video.

If you haven't already seen his channel,

he does a lot of basketball videos

including reacting to NBA hot takes.

They're incredible.

So if you somehow, if you're interested in basketball

And somehow haven't seen this channel already,

I'll link it below.

But let's get into some tech hot takes.

Tesla Cybertruck

So here's a hot take.

Tesla Cybertruck will outsell the Ford F-150 by 2026.

And this, well, this is a hot one.

So the Cybertruck,

The Cybertruck is one of the most hyped vehicles

in a long time.

As long as I've been alive.

Certainly the most hyped EV.

You know the numbers speak for themselves.

But now they're being spotted around the roads,

around Tesla headquarters

and it seems like they're finishing up the details

of manufacturing and design and they may be about to finally

go into production with this thing.

Now the hot take is that it'll outsell the F-150

in three years because the F-150 as you may already know,

is very popular.

But the thing is, and I don't know if you thought about this

As you were typing it, I don't know if you realize

How popular the F-150 is.

The Ford F-150 has been America's best-selling truck

for 46 years in a row.

It's been the number one most popular vehicle

for 41 years straight.

Last year, Ford sold one of these trucks every 49 seconds

and it typically totals anywhere from 600,000

to just under a million of these things

every single calendar year.

So yeah, the Cybertruck very hyped

and there are allegedly somewhere in the neighborhood

of 1.5 million pre-orders which is crazy

For a vehicle that's not even out yet,

that only a handful of people

have even seen with their eyes.

But a couple of things; first of all,

those pre-orders are $100 deposits.

I know that because I'm one of them.

I think they're $100 refundable deposits.

The point is, 1.5 million pre-orders

does not equal 1.5 million sales.

It's just that many people have reserved their spots in line

and some fraction of them will convert to orders

but it won't be 100% and Tesla knows that.

But then number two, you can't just build them all at once,

You have to ramp up into production.

We've seen this with other models before.

So you know, they'll start small, a couple dozen one week,

then 100 the next week, then 500 the next week

and they'll have to ramp up.

It'll take a while to get through the first million

easily well over a year.

At this very moment,

Tesla doesn't even have the capacity

to make a million Model 3s,

let alone a million of something they've never made before.

So you know, we could be optimistic

about the manufacturing process

but it's gonna be tough

to get to a million of these things sold

and dethroning the king by 2026.

So I love the optimism about that Cybertruck

possibly being one of the most disruptive vehicles ever,

maybe could happen

but it's gonna take a little more time than that.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

Bad take.

All right, here's another one

Apple Maps is now better than Google Maps.

And this is an interesting take.

Do you remember when Apple Maps first came out

like all the horror stories,

the articles that all came out, how bad it was?

Entire towns were missing.

Some places were just in the wrong spot.

It was getting people lost, driving 'em into water.

It was missing a ton of features.

It was so bad that Tim Cook, the CEO,

had to issue an apology.

But a lot of things have changed since then.

I mean, having a good maps app

requires a lot of mapping data.

So they've been plugging away at that

since that launch of course.

All the street view data, the correct location data,

businesses, public transportation, different actual routes,

real-time traffic, all that stuff,

They've improved dramatically at all of that.

Plus they've started adding

some genuinely cool features on top of it.

I can vouch that if you look at Google Street View

and Apple Maps Street View in the same location,

nine times out 10,

The Apple Maps one is higher quality and smoother

and looks better.

It's easier to navigate.

I also think Apple Maps is generally better designed,

it's just a little better looking than Google Maps.

And as of the latest iOS 17 beta,

it's finally getting one of the biggest features

that was missing which is downloading maps for offline.


I'm not ready to say that Apple Maps

is better than Google Maps yet.

I mean, especially because first of all,

It's multi-platform, it's just so much more available

and then the decades-long headstart that Google has had

in mapping and gathering information

in the most obscure parts of the world

like it's gonna take some time

for Apple to continue to catch up with that.

But I will say that it's at least caught up to Google Maps.

They're on the same level, they're competitors

which is good because now they compete to try to get better.

And for certain people, in some places, sometimes,

It's just as good if not better than Google Maps.

There I said it, I said it.

The Magic Mouse

It's a good take.

The Magic Mouse is the best mouse for the Mac.

(Marques breathing heavily)

Ah, you know, y'all pushing this one.

Let's just ignore the take for a second

and just talk about, how does the Magic Mouse exist?

Like how is this the best mouse that Apple,

the world's richest, $3 trillion company could come up with?

All the billions of dollars of research

and development dollars the best designers in the world

and all the testing and optimizations

and strategy on the planet,

this is the best mouse that they could come up with?


Sorry, I should be more objective here.

What makes a good mouse?

Zoom out a little bit.

Good design, good performance, good features, good price.

The best mouse cannot have a fatal flaw

in more than one of these fundamental categories.

And we all know about the fact that

The only way to charge it is a lightning port

and they put that port at the bottom of the mouse

So you literally can't even use it

while you're waiting for it to charge.

It might only happen once a month

but that's more than it should ever happen.

But on top of that, it's also terrible ergonomically.

I mean, there's a reason why

all the other best mice in the world have an arch

to rest your hand.

But look, Oliur is a smart guy.

I don't think he's trolling.

This is not an empty take.

The reason why people genuinely feel this way

about the Magic Mouse is because Apple has done

to this accessory what they've done to every other accessory

that they possibly can in their universe

which makes it impossible to make a better one

than the Apple one.

Like you literally cannot make a better smartwatch

for the iPhone because you'll never get as much access

to the data and the integration

that Apple gives its watch.

You can never make headphones

that pair more fluidly

and switch more easily than Apple's own AirPods.

And the Magic Mouse,

well, the Magic Mouse has smooth scrolling.

The best and only good feature

about the Magic Mouse

is that it has smooth scrolling and gestures.

So you can scroll up and down with one finger

and it just flows with the inertia of a touchscreen.

Like you can toss webpages and apps around

and catch them with this smooth scrolling.

You can two fingers swipe between spaces.

You can zoom in and out things, it's so smooth,

just like a mouse should be.

And every single other mouse for Mac

scrolls in jittery chunks,

because they have to just

Pick an integer for how many lines they want to scroll

with every unit scrolled on the scroll wheel.

It's just a night and day difference.

There's just no way for it to be as smooth.

Now this is also true about the Magic Trackpad

which is actually why I use one on my desk

alongside a good mouse.

And I know plenty of people who just use a trackpad

and no mouse at all.

So if you listen to people

who defend the Magic Mouse,

You'll typically hear something along the lines of,

Well, except for, insert giant flaw here,

It's a great mouse.

Except for comfortableness, it's amazing.

Except for the whole charging on the bottom thing,

which you only do once in a while, it's great.

But that's a pretty big thing for a mouse.

I mean, there's not much that they have to get right.

The Magic Mouse is one of the most frustrating

Apple products because it just, it could be so good.

With their trillions of dollars,

They could just hire a building

full of the best mouse designers on the planet,

They could buy whatever people they want

to design the most incredible mouse mankind has ever seen

and it could have smooth scrolling but they don't do it.

They don't do it.

I knew this was coming.

It's a bad take.

Tensor Sucks

Tensor sucks and Google should have stuck with Snapdragon.

I can get behind half of this take,

not the whole thing but I can get behind half of this.

Tensor is not great.

You know, like two years ago, Google made this bold choice

to move from Qualcomm Snapdragon chips in their phones

to their own custom design Tensor chip

That's built by Samsung.

And the idea was to be able to dedicate

certain parts of the chip to certain functions

Whether AI-related or just specific to the phone,

speech to text, and things like that.

We are two generations in now,

So we're at Tensor G2 in the Pixel

and they have relatively weak raw performance

and they also don't have great battery life

and they're not very efficient.

So I get why people say Tensor sucks

But I don't think they should have stuck with Snapdragon.

I still think there's time,

I still think in two or three generations,

They could get to the point

where they have such good optimization

and such good calibration with exactly what they wanna do

With these chips, they'll be the most efficient,

best battery life, best experience,

something that they could never have created

by just buying an off-the-shelf bunch of Snapdragon chips.

So I think today, like if today they offered

a Snapdragon Google Pixel with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

and a Tensor G2,

I think today I would pick the Snapdragon one

but I don't think they should just give up

on the Tensor dream.

Okay, take.

Beats Headphones

All right, Beats are and have always been very good.

Often people pretend that sound isn't incredibly subjective.

A natural/audiophilic sound is always less enjoyable

and more jarring outside of pro referencing.

You know, you bring up a really good point.

Audio is subjective, audio is subjective.

You know back in the days of making fun of Beats headphones

for being overpriced garbage-sounding plastic,

There was always a little kernel of truth underneath it all,

which is that people still buy Beats

all the time and enjoyed them.

And I always found that fascinating

that you could tell people that

There's another pair of headphones out there

That sounds better for half the money.

And people in that world

where it seems like a straightforward choice,

They would still pick the Beats

and love them and recommend them.

And the truth is like, yeah, for most people,

If you just give them their first pair of nice headphones,

their first pair of expensive headphones,

And they've got this nice V-shaped equalizer,

a big thumping bass and they're not thinking too hard

about it being nice and flat and a nice professional sound,

They're gonna be impressed.

It's gonna sound really exciting

and interesting for most music listening

which is what people are doing with Beats headphones.

It's great, it's fine.

Like audio, it is

one of the most subjective things in all of the tech world.

And there are tons of reviews and studies out there

with countless examples of this.

It kind of feels like the only trait in audio

that people universally find impressive is just loudness,

just higher volume, but kind of across the board,

Anyone can enjoy any sound signature

And generally headphones these days are good enough

to have an EQ and be able to sound differently

based on different types of music and movies

and whatever you're doing.

Now, all that being said, I don't think I could still say

that Beats have always been very good.

At some point in the past,

They were much more expensive,

cheaply built version of the average headphones

You could kind of just get anywhere else

but the marketing team has always been very good.

That has always been good.

So I think, yeah, decent headphones today, decent take.

Also side note, I continue to be so fascinated

by the behavior of a company like Beats

since they've been purchased by Apple

and the newest pair of Beats by Dre Studio Pro headphones

are the latest example of that.

Let me know if you guys are interested in a video

about these things by hitting that like button.

Either way, this has been fun,

I think we should do this again sometime for sure.

Not doing that one.

So leave your hot takes,

I say leave them in the comment section below

and I'll sort of comb through those,

it's not even mathematically correct.

And I'll comb through those and I'll find the best ones

and we'll do another tech hot takes video in the future.

Have you read my shirt this entire video?

And I think that'll be fun,

just make sure they're a little more varied

and different from this past one.

I hate this, I hate this one.

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