iPhone 15 GOOD NEWS! New CONFIRMED Leaks!



With us just a couple of weeks away

From the iPhone 15s releasing so much

has begun to leak out so in this video I

want to go over everything there is so

many new leaks and rumors to talk about

And of course, we've got some exclusive

Runners as always bring everything to

Life I can't believe these films are

almost here I have hyped out the gourd

New blue color

Let's start with the new color

Remember how we thought it was gonna be

red for the iPhone 15 Pro and new dark

maroon color that looks something like

This will it's not

going to be so red after all according

to a new post from your Redditor over on

Ax Apple is preparing to do a new dark

blue color this year that's sort of a

a grayish option that will be different

than space black but also not as blue as

something like Pacific Blue and What's

interesting about this rumor in

particular is that Apple is

not doing the red option at all this

a person claiming that they don't know

where that came from and the new color

for 2023 was always going to be this

subdued blue color what makes this rumor

Even more interesting is that the source

has previously shared images of what

they allege to be the actual iPhone 15

with titanium and USBC on the pros and

The entire front of the standard iPhone

15s which we'll be getting the dynamic

Island but this new blue color itself

I'm just not sold on considering that

Apple has done a variation of blue on

In two out of the last three Pro iPhones it

would make sense to bring in red for

some new blood here Hey speaking of

Action button confirmed

things I've been asking for we have new

Updates on the action button coming to

the iPhone 15 Pro and what's exciting

about this story is it's not a leak or

rumor or speculation Apple themselves

has confirmed the entirely new action

button will be replacing the mute switch

on the iPhone 15 Pro, that's right in the

latest IOS 17 beta 4 from Apple they

accidentally unveiled this new setup

that they're gonna be rocking on the

iPhone 15 pros and it's so extensive

that we know exactly what you'll be able

To do it they have mapped out every

single feature it's pretty cool

let me show you according to Apple it's

going to have nine different remappable

functions so obviously you'll still be

able to use it to go into silent mode

Because that's all the button does right

now but you'll also be able to do

anything with accessibility you'll be

able to press it to go straight into the

camera you'll be able to remap it to

your flashlight which is super cool or

enable a focus mode open a magnifier and

do any shortcut and finally most

interesting to me is you'll also be able

to use it to translate or record voice

memos at the Press of a button so if

These are things you find yourself doing

frequently there will now be a

a dedicated button on your iPhone for

these tasks I don't want to speak for

Apple but I feel like all of this detail

was not supposed to come out and it is

a major spoiler for the event

but I love that we just love that it's

happening I didn't know if the

action button made the Final Cut but it

has and this is going to be a

a huge part of the iPhone 15 that Apple

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Big price increase

Sponsoring is okay so I wish this video was

All good news about action buttons and

New colors for the iPhone 15 Pro it's

something that we need to talk

About the price, you know how we've

been joking for a few years now about a

The pro price increase we're like ah it's

gonna go up to above a thousand dollars

For the first time since the iPhone


Wow that would sure be crazy if Apple

did that one one day wouldn't that just

be audacious if they did that well this

time around we've been hearing it from

Almost every credible Source including

Even Bloomberg now says that Apple is

looking to increase the prices of the

iPhone 15 pro model specifically and

According to one analyst over at

Barclays this is going to be the pricing

structure we've got iPhone 15 unchanged

at 7.99 and an iPhone 15 plus again

unchanged at 8.99 and then the pros they

started to have a bit of fun with

we've got the iPhone 15 Pro this is the

6.1 inch model allegedly starting at a

hundred dollars more this year at 10.99

And then the pro-Max right the Periscope

Zoom camera more on that later that

highest-end Apple model is said to be

costing up to 12.99 could be 1300

For the pro-Max, there could be up to a

200 price increase there and I don't

know about you guys but uh things seem

to be getting out of control relatively

Quickly really all this brings me back

to 2017 when Apple was about to release

the iPhone 10 and we started hearing the

the same thing the iPhone wasn't going to

start at six or seven hundred dollars

Apple was going to potentially go up to

a thousand dollars for the first time

ever which nobody could believe and then

the iPhone 10 came out it was a thousand

dollars and it sold well and the

Pro Models continue to outsell the

regular models and I think Apple is just

ready to test the bounds now is the

iPhone 15 Pro not gonna be worth eleven

hundred dollars I'm not gonna say that

I'm just saying I don't like that we

have to pay more seems silly and it

should stay the same price forever now

To be fair here Apple has been actually

raising Rice outside of the United

States four years it's just our turn

this year and I feel you guys It's

been rough I know in some countries the

iPhone costs almost twice what it

would cost to buy in the United States

because of Apple's pricing Matrix just

know that the base price in Apple's US

market which is their home turf it's

Finally going to be to be going up this

year which isn't great Now something


else for the pros is there a

Word headlines recently about big delays

for the 15. A few days back essentially

Overnight a ton of people started saying

that Apple has run into production

issues and that this is going to cause a

somewhat serious delay to the point

where Apple is going to separate the

iPhone 15 launch from the iPhone 15 Pro

launch essentially postulating that the

15s will come out in September but the

iPhone 15 Pro Models are the most exciting

ones that aren't launched until early

October and I read this and I've read

Every article on this topic in detail by

the way

it it doesn't add up to me I completely

disagree with these articles and I 100

Expect the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro to go on

sale at the same time and I do believe

This will be happening in September if

You look into what the source

of these production issues apparently

Was it that Apple was having a hard

time with the thin bezels on the pros

It's a new type of technology that Apple

first debuted on the Apple Watch series

7 and it was a little tricky to bring to

the iPhone these screen delays happened

in an early part of mass production and

Oppo had to work a little harder to

figure out the Kinks, and

What no one has been talking about is

This issue has been resolved Apple has

figured it out we've gotten an updated

report from a very reputable Source

among the likes of the information who

is essentially 100 accurate and said it

the first place there wasn't going to be

a significant delay they say the issue

Is all good that Apple is continuing

With production as normal, what happened

Here are the headlines saying the iPhone

is going to be delayed and get massive

clicks it's a huge deal for Apple not

only earnings at the end of the quarter

but for the public, it's like we thought

They come out in September and now

They're delayed so people click and

Everybody starts talking because they

want to be the ones that call the

iPhone delay yeah iPhone delay great

September 13 unveil

headline but no actual evidence at this

point that suggests that's going to be

the case now when are these phones

getting unveiled iPhone 15 we know it's

early September according to Nine to

five Mac the official event date is

going to be Wednesday, September 13th

This year all of that sounds really

Spot-on to me it's par for the course

for what Apple always does and again I

just think it confirms that there aren't

going to be any delays now let's talk

Battery upgrades

about some great news for the rest of

this video I wanted to kind of do a

Little sandwich-like good news not more

prices news and then really great stuff

batteries the batteries on the iPhone 15

Thanks to the A17 ship and increased

capacities are going to be bananas and

Now we have some new information

According to RG Cloud over on X who

tells us that Apple is using

a new type of stacked Battery Technology

on the iPhone 15 which will allow for

greater energy density inside the phones

Essentially this would explain how we've

heard rumored capacity increases of 10

Plus on every model across the board

Those are insane increases and the stock

Battery tech is apparently how it's

happening but it's not just energy

The density that the stock battery

technology offers it's also a better

heat management so it's not going to

Make your phone hot especially while

charging or draining the battery and it

sounds like we could finally get a major

jump almost a doubling of iPhone

charging speeds which historically have

been pretty slow compared to others the

the same user says we're going to

be getting 40-watt wired charging and 20

watt magsafe the wired is essentially

Double the 20 watts we're promised now

and the MagSafe is five additional Watts

It's capped at 15. These would be huge

improvements for charging on the iPhone

Now they do have a caveat they say

They're not entirely sure if it's the

iPhone 15 could be the 16

but again combining this with the

rumored battery increases it seems to

line up pretty well it sounds like all

This is happening this year and actually

Please make it happen this year I

can't take the battery of the iPhone 14

pro anymore this is probably the worst

battery life I've gotten on an iPhone it

says the iPhone 7 and we all remember

how those days were please make it

Better please please please all right

New camera leaks

Let's close out with cameras I know

There are some of you out there like

I do not like the Pro Max size

You find the phones too big and you've

been very sad the Periscope zoom lens it

allows you to go five or six times optically

is going to be limited to the pro-Max

only and I'm sorry to tell you that it

is just 100 million percent confirmed

Mark German and others have now hopped

on saying that Apple is doing this but

It's not going to be on the 6.1-inch pro

It's only going to be on the 6.7-inch

Pro Max which is pretty sad yeah it's

pretty heartbreaking and honestly I'm

not really in the mood to talk about it

Let's move on to some other good stuff

like the fact that the aperture is

increasing its current F over 1.79

That is going down to F 1.7 which is

going to allow just a little bit more

light into the sensor improving low

light and the quality of most of your

photos this is made possible

by a new hybrid glass and plastic lens

design that Apple is going to be

employing for the first time and we know

that the same 48-megapixel sensor will

be staying on the pros but the standard

iPhone 15s are getting that same sensor

with a small asterisk at first, it was

exciting because we thought it

would be the same 48-megapixel

Sensor it's going to be

cropped a little bit and will not be the

same resolution and just not as

good as the pros which is a little bit

sad to hear it's still going to be a

huge probably the biggest photo upgrade

For the standard models in like five or

six years however there's a reasonable

Do they want the pros to be the best

cameras that are still going to be the

case in 2023 and this alongside

Everything else we're hearing for the

standard 15 and 15 plus I just want to

Close by saying these are going to be in

insane value this year for 800 you're

getting a new design with a frosted back

glass USBC a new Dynamic Island on the

front of the phone for fresh colors and

You're getting major camera upgrades

Apple is legitimately pouring in more

attention to the standard iPhone 15s

this year than they have done for the

past three years on the standard models

So yeah the pros are the most exciting

These standard models are not to be

slept on all right do not sleep on them

That's all for this video I could not

have done it without the help of my boy

Shea over at Concept Central is the

most talented 3D designer in the entire

universe right.

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