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Durability issues Okay recently we've gotten a ton of good News about Apple's Vision Pro headset Some other stuff too through recording leaks stuff straight from Apple and I want to go over all of that today There's so much crazy stuff to jump into Let's start with the durability of this thing looks pretty crazy right It's made out of entire fabric for the head strap aluminum and glass and while that looks nice and I didn't Stop and think about what would happen if you bumped into something like a wall with this product or maybe you accidentally dropped this three-thousand five hundred dollar headset you would hope it will survive right well According to a new report Apple themselves have had some concerns about the durability and that one not only the glass on the front scratch pretty easily due to The super unique conserved manufacturing process but it also is incredibly delicate as in people have been walking around with these and they crack relatively easily when you bump into something now because Apple is aware that it could be somewhat fragile they are going to put warnings in the software that tells you if you're getting too close to something but I just can't Imagine dropping three bands on this and Then you bump into wall shattered I guess Apple's gonna sell AppleCare for this is another way

to alleviate things and hey third New 3rd-party accessories Parties like hastily have already announced some crazy accessories like bounce to make sure it doesn't crack When it drops I think the third party accessory Market is going to go Wild on top of this stuff We've seen from case defy the caviar luxury brand has announced that they've got a multi tens of thousands of dollars The gold version that you can buy of this Now before moving on with the rest of The video I want to tell you about Today's sponsor which is the insta360 Flow This is an AI-powered smartphone stabilizer and it is unlike anything I've never seen I mean first of all it's a killer smartphone gimbal with this AI tracking that blows my mind it has something called a person re-identification so using the Insta360 flow someone can walk out of frame or become obfuscated by another person and the smartphone will still remember them when they walk back into the frame and Center them and make them look perfect in the Always on track makes shooting with The flow is so much fun because you're thoughts look so clean but that's just the start of the flow because on the inside there's a built-in tripod as well as this tripod's legs extend You need no additional Hardware whatsoever and now you can set up and shoot in any location by yourself and Then on top of everything else you can

Also just pull to extend the Insta 360 flow use it as a taller tripod or it doubles as a selfie stick for shooting Like I said at the beginning here I've never seen a smartphone stabilizer like This is so check them out link down below Thanks to Insta360 for sponsoring now Let's get back to it nonetheless if Why it'll be hard to get you're thinking about buying Apple's Vision Pro headset a lot of people have laughed at the price because it is insane thirty-five hundred dollars say Nobody is going to touch this product But I don't think that's going to be the case I think this is going to be in very high demand I think it's going to be an especially high demand Considering how few of these apples is able to make we've heard recently in a number of reports that Apple has been having a really hard time in early production due to the complex nature of engineering this and while the production numbers in the first year started in millions they would then have to about 500 000 then we went down to three or four hundred thousand and Some Apple suppliers are saying that Oppo has only ordered enough parts for about a hundred and fifty thousand of these in the first year which 150 000 seems like a lot until you remember that Apple sells tens of millions of iPhones every year and of course you could argue The Vision Pro is more expensive but I Personally am guessing this product is

going to be super back ordered and super hard to get your hands on How to buy Vision Pro especially because we've also learned Recently how you're going to order this It's going to be sold only on apple. com in the US initially and then once you put in your order it sounds like you'll be setting up an in-store appointment at the Apple store to get it fitted properly because this is something that I think I and others missed in the initial unveil there are multiple sizes of headbands multiple sizes of the light seal that presses right up against your face and apple knows that that will not be a one-size fits all so they've got a custom iPhone apps and other measures to make sure it fits you right and it sounds like a lot of this is going gonna happen very one-on-one with an Apple Store employee that like helps you through the process which you know I guess it's kind of cool that you get some special service when you're dropping that much cash and if special appointments and fittings for This first-gen Apple product sounds familiar then just look back at the Apple watch in 2015 when Apple employed The same strategy for that first Global rollout revealed gen product and again initially this is only going to be in the United States but according to reports Apple is planning to expand to the UK and Canada

as the first markets outside of the us sometime later in 2024 and then Asia and The rest of Europe will be following Maybe late 2024 or early 2025. moving on New battery details From that, the battery pack was one of The most controversial decisions that Apple made you've got a wire going down from your head to this battery pack and For me, it's cool because I have shorts on so you just kind of put it in your pocket and then it'll run up your body right but um what if you don't have a pocket like what if you're wearing a dress or you have a hijab on or you just don't have some kind of pantaloon with a pocket where do you put the battery well Apple is working with Third-party accessory makers to develop some kind of shoulder strap accessory so It would like to rest around there on your back and I gotta say this this is starting to get a Little drank a little fast I think it's It is going to be one of those things that folks Don't think about it until they're in the situation and then it's like where do I Where do I put this kind of large battery back and I know again the third party accessory Market will have options for this maybe it could go on the back of the headset to sort of counterweight it and sit there but shoulders is what Apple's thinking maybe Maybe they do knees and toes next head shoulders knees and toes

I think it's a great song for the record Leaked top strap but no matter how you look at it this The battery pack is going to be clunky in some way similar to the headset itself not being as light as we thought and a number of people that wore it for that 30-minute press demo saying that it was uncomfortable even during that short period and just like Some of the other Vision Pro challenges Apple also has somewhat of a solution for this as well and that is this The optional top strap that was only shown off in a single part of the keynote that A lot of people do not realize is somewhat Central to The Vision Pro experience while it looks cool when It only goes around your head at the top The strap helps with the weight of a lot and as it turns out that top strap might be sold separately it will be an additional purchase on top of 3 500 on top of your prescription lenses on top of additional battery packs, it's just not fair man and well initially I thought Apple was being somewhat deceptive by not being super open about the presence of maybe needing this top strap for many users it seems like they We're just doing it because the The design has not been finalized We've heard that Apple is still actively working on this part of the headset as well as working on quite a bit of other parts as well as the front-facing display The eyesight feature that shows users

eyes and facial expressions that is still not all the way there which is why you didn't see many demos of that New features revealed working even Mike Rockwell who is the head of vision Pro's development said that everything that Apple has shown is just a sneak peek at what this device is eventually going to be and that's not Apple talk there's a lot of features that Apple is working on day in day out that might not ship with the version one but will be coming in the future software update or to the vision 2. According to this new article from the information starting with workouts and Exercise Apple didn't talk about that at All where Meta and others have really leaned into fitness Apple found their stride with Fitness in the watch they They didn't talk about that at all which 's weird right Apple just didn't think About it no of course Apple thought about and they're working on a lot here Apple has been exploring a partnership with Nike here to bring more Fitness content to the headset they're working on a more breathable sweat sweat-resistant face cushions that would be you know made for working out and sweating they're experimenting with being on a stationary bike essentially making the Vision Pro a Peloton for anyone on any kind of a stationary bike as well as a Tai Chi app because there's a specific downward-facing cameras that could see your chest and your breathing to help you learn how to

Do that second big thing here was gaming Apple barely talked about it I was shocked as this is like the main application of VR globally right now Where are the Apple immersive games the answer here is two things Number one developers only got access to Vision Pro to make apps for it in games you know a a couple of weeks ago so it's going to Take time for them to develop those out but number two it's because Apple took a unique approach there are no controllers With this, these are the controllers you Tap pinch and zoom very naturally and while that works great for apps of productivity it sounds like it's not as precise as Apple needs right now for gaming so for Gen 1 that's not the focus third here Sports being able to sit Court sighted games or ice-sided hockey or field-sided football as it turns out that streaming all of that 3D Content with no latency is incredibly challenging and while reviewers got a very brief demo of sitting courtside at an NBA game and Apple is actively working on it again at a larger scale getting all of that to feel perfect in a the way that Apple would want to launch it like they weren't ready to show the world that yet the fourth and The final big feature that I think will ultimately be the game changer for this product is a feature called co-presence That essentially will let you feel like You are in the same room talking to Someone we saw on FaceTime it's a bit

dumbed down the avatars are not like full body Apple's working on full-body tracking they're working on co-presence where it will feel like we're in the same room together you know I can film my videos in Apple 3D it would feel real Again that's something they're working on It's not there so they're not going to Show something that's going to be in the first gen product guaranteed when it's not done these are all things that are coming to Vision Pro and that certainly Make the 3 500 price tag not as sweet as It will be in a couple of months or years down the road 3 500 is just the Cheaper Vision rumors start as we all guessed guess what it is Apple has not only confirmed this themselves by changing the title of the Apple Vision Pro Development Group to The vision products group products Apple what does that mean there's only one Apple Vision Pro it's of course because Not only is a follow-up to The Vision Pro already in the works at Apple They're also working on a cheaper version It's just called Apple vision And the cheaper version is coming out in late 2025 maybe early 2026 it's going to be roughly half the price and of course it's not going to have as insane displays as insane speakers as insane of a front display It's going to be dumbed down a bit in price tag on that one I bet is going to be around two grand instead of 3 500 so

Not cheap right But Certainly not as expensive as this version and by then a lot of additional features like co-presence Fitness gaming sports Courtside those will be there but Confirmed release date for right now we've still got the 3 500 Vision Pro is what's on deck and Apple has emphasized many times many members of the press in early 2024. usually They say that and they they keep it pretty loose like the Apple watch they said early 2015 it was going to come out And it came out in April or May I think It's going to be February or March maybe Even January like Apple has been very very on the nose about early they Keep saying that which implies it's not going to be at the very end which means We could have like five or six comes out of course I'll have so much content on it because this is like one of the coolest things I've ever thought of course I'm buying it and yeah let me know your thoughts about this product You know a month and a half two months Almost after its unveiling, you've changed it where you're a hater you know you love it and vice versa you're gonna get it now you're not let me know Down Below

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