The ROG Phone 7 Ultimate is Just Ridiculous!


What can I say?

Gaming phones have come a long way

since they first started coming out a few years ago.

Not just because there are more gaming phones

and that's more competition,

but also just because regular flagship phones now

have insane hardware too.

But still at the top of the heap for gaming phones

sits this guy the Asus ROG Phone 7 Ultimate.

Let's just start with just the numbers.

Numbers on paper.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 at 3.2 gigahertz

with the Adreno 740 GPU.

16 gigs of LPDDR5X RAM,

Half a terabyte of UFS 4.0 storage,

a 6.78 inch 1080P AMOLED display at 165 hertz

up to 1,200 nits.

A 6,000 million power battery with 65-watt charging

and two USB-C ports plus the headphone jack.

Kind of sounds like it has everything 'cause it nearly does

but I do wanna start

with the one thing that it doesn't have

which is a world-class camera system.

But the thing is, I mean that's probably fine.

It is a gaming phone after all.

Now obviously, it's still expensive

So you don't wanna feel like you're getting a bad camera.

But let's be real, the camera is not the priority

in these phones or for the people buying these phones.

So I mean, really the objectives to give you

a good enough camera system that you're not mad

But it's not gonna be a good enough camera

that you're out bragging about it.

So this is a 50-megapixel primary camera that bends

to 12.5 megapixels and can do that lossless 2x zoom.

And then there is a 13-megapixel ultra-wide

and that third camera is a five-megapixel macro.

So not a telephoto.

It's all fine, right?

It's a pretty classic daylight shots

Decent lighting is fine

and then as soon as the lighting conditions deteriorate,

So do the photos and videos,

You get a lot of noise pretty quickly.

I still gotta give props to ASUS for doing

A pretty great job with HDR though and getting

a good amount of detail out of most normal shots.

And they've even added some pretty clever features

to their default camera app.

And I don't think of ASUS phones usually

as like the best cameras ever, but there's the pro

photo and video modes that are getting you

a few new features to play with that are just fun to use.

So combined with the 32-megapixel selfie camera,

I feel like I can confidently give t

His whole camera suite is like a B.

It's not bad,

it's just, it's not why you buy this phone.

I mean, if you're looking for the reason you buy this phone,

look no further than the design

because that says everything you need to know.

This is the phantom white finish on the back here still.

This year, it's a combination of satin white

and I guess a different satin white, maybe matte white.

But it still has the text everywhere.

ROG, 07, Republic of Gamers, 206, 8K Ultra HD.

The ultimate version still has this display on the back

which you can't even see while you're using the phone

but it will display to the people around you

either in animation or some information

in a scrolling banner or when it's face down and charging,

You can see your percentage, things like that.

You can't have too big of a camera.

Like you have these gigantic camera rings now

and a lot of these flagship phones,

You can't do that on this phone

because it's supposed to be perfectly balanced

for when you're gaming and holding it in landscape mode.

And so that's why you have that split battery design.

3,000 million powers over here,

,3000 more million power over here

The motherboard is in the middle

which is a pretty clever design.

And so now, it's perfectly balanced as all things should be.

Now, like I said, gaming phone

So we have these awesome flagship phones,

S23 Ultra, Oppo Find X6 Pro.

They also have incredible numbers and specs

but this one separates itself by leaning a little bit more

towards gaming and media and that experience.

Not that those aren't good at gaming and media,

but well, gaming is media.

So the things that this does to be good at gaming

are great at that.

And watching videos and just scrolling around

using a phone like normal.

So that's why you end up with not just 120-hertz LTPO,

but a Samsung-built flat 165 hertz OLED

with a 720-hertz touch sample rate

and a 23-millisecond touch latency.

It's once again, the most responsive

and smoothest display I've ever used in a phone.

My eye can tell the difference

Between this and the 120-hertz display

In a lot of the other flagships out right now,

which is awesome.

So that's of course, gonna be great for gaming

getting every single last frame

out of the games that support that.

But also, that's pretty nice for just scrolling around

and flipping through apps and social media too.

The split battery setup they've got going on,

They've been doing that for a couple of years too.

3,000 plus 3,000 is a 6,000 million power battery

and that allows them

to fast charge them in parallel.

So you get 65 watts going into the phone.

It'll charge from zero to 100 in like 45 minutes

which is already 10 minutes faster than last year's phone.

And they even have this graphic that they sent me

showing the standard batteries need a thin separator.

While fast charging batteries need a thicker separator

'cause they push more current

and it's just safer to do it this way.

Sounds like this would be a trade-off

that you have to think hard about on any other phone.

Except it doesn't matter in this phone

because the whole phone is thick.

It's thick enough to handle a gigantic battery

and fast charging.

I mean, that's at least three Cs.

Plus there's a whole suite of battery management features

That makes this thing last forever.

I mean it's already a battery champ

easily pulling seven hours of screen on time at 165 hertz.

But there's also scheduled charging,

There's also study charging,

so it doesn't fast charge every time you plug it in

if you don't want it to.

There are also custom charging limits.

There's also pass-through charging.

There is no wireless charging

but there are two USB-C ports as I mentioned.

one on the bottom and one on the side.

No, it doesn't charge twice as fast

if you plug in both at the same time.

I tried.

That's still the Legion Phone Duel's little trick.

But interestingly, the side USB port

is considered the primary one.

That's the faster USB 3.1 data speed.

So either way, if you plug in you can get the fast charging

but if you wanna plug in any accessories

or anything like that,

That will go into that side port here.

But speaking of accessories,

this is probably all you need to know about

how ridiculous this phone is and who it's targeted for.

So this thing.

this is the AeroActive Cooler 7.

So this is a clip-on, plug-in

an active cooling accessory that you plug into

and connect to the back

of the phone that has a heat sink, fan, and RGB lights inside.

And this little, this black tab

on the side of this ROG phone is an opening.

It motorizes and opens up.

So you clamp on this cooler

over the side of the phone just like this,

Plug it in by the USB on the side

and the fan starts spinning up and then this black

The liftgate over here on the side of the phone opens up

to allow active airflow through the side of the phone.

It's opening up the phone and spinning in that cool air.

So when you're gaming, this will help bring down

the back cover surface by as much

as 20 to 25 degrees Celsius according to ASUS Labs.

But there's also like,

There are four trigger buttons back here.

There are RGB lights that change

and breathe depending on what you're doing.

And there's a whole subwoofer

for the enhanced base and it works.

(lively music)

There is a genuine improvement

in the sound quality when listening to it

with the subwoofer on the back

of the phone and the front-facing speakers combined.

You never expect these things to be as good as they are.

But just the whole thing, just this whole dedication

to building something that is going to take a few degrees

off your phone and give you a couple of extra frames,

Their dedication to that gamer is impressive.

It opens up the back of the phone.

And by the way, you can take this off and it closes

That port on the back and it's still IP54 water-resistant

when it's closed.

This one feels like a sports car where a lot

of the ridiculous specialized tech is completely unnecessary

to most people, but it'll eventually trickle down

into everyday cars.

Like most regular cars/phones

don't need this crazy moving part and active aerodynamics.

They don't need extra RAM and extra power.

But eventually, regular flagship phones

In a few years will have all of this power

and all of this cooling and all the capabilities

of this phone.

They'll just be normal phones.

So make sure you subscribe to see the reviews

of those phones when they come out.

But for now, this is still gonna separate itself as a phone

for the gamer especially just because of the way it's built.

It's thicker than a normal phone,

but they still have things like bezels on the front

for your thumbs and the front-facing speakers

so you can hold it like this

and have a place when you're gaming to rest your fingers.

That's something most phones aren't going to do anymore.

The extra port of course

and the compatibility with the crazy accessories,

and just their willingness

to just use basic off-the-shelf parts

for the things that don't matter so much.

For sure, this optical fingerprint reader, it's fine.

It's normal.

The cameras as well, as I said,

you don't get a telephoto camera, you just get

an off-the-shelf B plus, B camera system.


But when it comes

to anything that a gamer could want

to get that last one or two FPS, to get that last second

off of your lap time or that last kill

or to be able to have that little bit of an advantage,

They'll throw the kitchen sink at it.

They'll do all the software features

in the world and hardware stuff to make that happen.

And I respect that.

There's no way I could go through all those things

in this single video, but I respect that a lot.

Here are some of my personal favorites.

There is a new vapor chamber cooling system

inside of this phone that you'll never see

but the new Y-shaped width columns

with larger radio give 168% improvement

to thermal efficiency according to ASUS testing.

The custom mappable air triggers built

into the top corners of this phone have improved

for better sensitivity and they can be custom-mapped

for all kinds of stuff, even outside of games.

And this phone has wifi 6E and wifi 7 support

even though none of our routers do yet.

This is a really impressive purpose-built machine

through and through.

I'm glad they made it.

And yeah, gaming phones of today walk

so that flagships of tomorrow can run.

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