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These right here are the OWS Pro open-ear headphones by Ola Dance, it's a new type of earbud that's meant to finally solve the decade-old problem of ear fatigue and discomfort that comes with traditional earbuds by not going into your ear canals at all while at the same time offering great-sounding stereo audio due to some unique software magic that I'm going to explain in this along with answering a couple of big questions Just how comfortable are these compared to traditional earbuds and do they.


Sound good enough for you to make the switch The first thing I want To start with before getting into those big questions the specs because These things are quite impressive with just the buds alone they give you a huge 16 hours of battery life which destroys every other mainstream pair of earbuds like Apple's Air Pods and when you combine that with the charging case it goes up to a total of 58 hours which is insane and they can be quickly charged to give you six hours of battery life in just 15 minutes of charging and yes this charging case looks and feels.

 Charging Case: 

Super nice having a soft closed hinge design and a convenient USBC charging port on the back LED lights for battery life on the front and it's also very slim with a weight of only 73.6 grams and even crazier is the rated standby time which goes up to a crazy three years of battery life if they're sitting in the Box using Ola Dance's patented energy lock technology so you don't have to worry about battery drain when not in use like with other earbuds but now.


Getting to the buds themselves they feel amazing with a soft silicon rubber combined with a smooth quality ceramic skin eight-layered coloring coding which is included in the white finish that I have here as well as pink and green so they are incredibly comfortable instead of going in your ears they simply hook around your ear and rest on top and they're very lightweight as well sitting at only 13.8 grams so you can wear them for hours While barely noticing them it's simply incredible to have these on and have Nothing plugging your ear canal which means absolutely zero fatigue or pain.

Water Resistance:

After long listening sessions now these also come with ipx4 water resistance which makes them very suitable for outdoor use like for working out or jogging in the rain and the best part is that unlike most earbuds the open ear Design means that you can still hear all of your surroundings perfectly so if you're going out for a walk or a jog you can hear oncoming cars with no issues or people while still listening to your music even at full volume and in terms of Technology the OWS Pro comes with Bluetooth 5.3 and support multi-point connection for seamless Multi-Device transition which a lot of Other earbuds don't have the OWS Pro also have two speakers and membranes packed in which doubles the sound pressure level and proves the base performance and reduces high-frequency Distortion providing a 360-degree surround sound experience it also packs dual chips with a primary chip and.



Amplifier to improve sound and it uses their patented virtual bass 2.0 algorithm to improve the bass but now moving on to the most unique feature by Far we've got to head into the Ola dance app Right here is the button for Focus mode which is a form of noise cancellation which at first I thought was ridiculous because these don't even go into your ear canals but I tried it out and I was shocked that it works and lowers the annoying low to mid-range noise from the HVAC in our office but at the same time you can still hear someone talking to you in your room so it's the perfect balance of getting rid of some of the persistent noise while not impacting conversations Now within the app, you also have a bunch of customization for both controls and EQ so let's jump into the controls first As you can see the OWS Pro has a. 


Physical button where you can slide to adjust the volume and click once to pause and play Click twice to change songs click three times to activate your voice assistant and when you're getting a phone call you can click once to answer and twice to hang up or reject and all these settings are fully customizable in the app here's how the microphone sounds with that noise reduction technology let I know what you think down in the comment section below and as you've just heard these have wind noise reduction technology to help with microphone clarity now moving over to the EQ settings you have the choice of default surging base and pure voice which is great for audiobooks where you want to hear voices clearly and of course you can also customize the EQ with a range of frequencies from bass to high notes and then save that custom preset for My personal preference found the surging base mode to be the best if you don't want to mess with the custom EQ and now with all those specs and features out of the way I want to start answering the original questions including Ola Dance's unique software magic before I get into my personal Thoughts First of all I already mentioned the focus mode which actually.

Focus Mode:

Works well for lowering background noises which I didn't expect to work at all since they don't go into your ears so that was very impressive but other than that the thing that impressed me is their base algorithm which creates virtual bass while using an open-ear design which is something incredibly hard to achieve since bass naturally relies on very heavily on having a sealed area of air that can move around to create That Base effect and sound but somehow all it ants can create Bass with a completely. 


Open design so Props to them for that now it isn't nearing the level of bass that you're gonna get from a traditional sealed earbud design that does create an enclosed area of air for the base but that's the entire point of these headphones, the main goal is to not create a seal in your ear canals and leave them completely free and comfortable for a very long listening sessions especially for people who struggle to wear in-ear earbuds because They naturally experience more pain and fatigue from regular earbuds These are the perfect solution for people like that as well as everybody else who just wants to try something new and unique to see if this is something that works for them and the main reason for that is the huge benefit of comfort so let's get into answering the question of how comfortable these are compared to Regular earbuds honestly have to be by far the most comfortable earphones.


That I've ever used simply for the fact that it doesn't touch your ear canal at all since I experience ear fatigue after a while of using even the best in-ear earbuds as it almost feels like my ear canals start to swell up and hurt almost like my body is trying to get me to take the earbuds out and let My ears breathe for a bit but with the OWS Pro that simply doesn't happen it.

Ear Fatigue:

Just hangs on on the outside of the ear and thanks to the combination of lightweight and super soft silicon and smooth plastic they feel like they're not even there at all I also noticed that they stay on incredibly well no matter what your doing thanks to the hook design while many in-ear earbuds tend to want to fall out and now as far as the question of sound quality because of the open-ear design, they naturally don't sound as loud or as good as other in-ear earbuds like Apple's Air Pods Pro 2 which have speaker drivers that super close right inside of your ear canal These sit above your ears so There's more distance and space to travel sacrificing some of the volume and sound quality but honestly, for this type of design these sound great and with a wide Sound Stage especially when listening at more casual volumes at around 50 percent where it gives you a really good balance of sound quality and bass I also did notice that compared to regular in-ear earbuds these do leak more sound which is obvious because they're not in your ear canals and the Speakers are floating above your ears so that's expected affected and not that big of a deal and now let's move on to the final question Why and who should Make the switch to the OWS Pros Well first of all if you're the type of.

Why OWS Pros:

A person who struggles with ear fatigue from regular in-ear earbuds and you simply can't find a good pair anywhere on the market these are the perfect solution instantly eliminating that fatigue for good On top of that if You're searching for a great pair of waterproof earphones for your workouts or jogs these are great since they stay hooked on and feel like they're not even there all while keeping your ear canals free for hearing your surroundings another reason to try these out is if you're looking for something.

Battery Life:

For work something that's non-intrusive and has incredible battery life to last more than a full day of work to make sure they never die on you like so many other earbuds out there with 16 hours of battery life you can be sure that Whatever happens, these will not die on you even if you somehow forgot to charge them lasting up to two full work days and yes of course these are great for anyone who just wants to try something new whether it's for school work or home.


Use and now let's get into the different options that you have with the OWS Pros These come in a bunch of finishes like Misty black porcelain white luminous titanium Vivid green or pearly Haze pink so there's a color for everyone and even better the white pink and green colors come with their ceramic skin eight layer coloring process which makes them feel super smooth like ceramic As for.


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